Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New thing to try this year: Haircuts at home!

Happy New Year, my dear beauty lovers!

Here's an idea for my Manila readers: Why don't you avoid the horrendous traffic jams and have your hairdresser come to you? That's what Vince and I do!
Vince used to get haircuts twice a year because he can't stand the traffic-and-parking stress. So his hair gets loooong and unruly. And then when I gave birth in 2010 and found absolutely no time to go to the salon, I started looking raggedy myself.

My friend Nikki of The Picky Dresser said I have no excuse to look unkempt just because I'm a mommy since there are so many at-home services available these days. She gave me a list and I was surprised to see "Hairstyling - Michael Morano" on her list.

Michael does everything for your hair--cut, color, blowdry, style for events. He saved our looks! We get regular trims in the comfort of our own home. It's so convenient! Try it this year, beauties!

To set an appointment with Michael, here's his number: 0929.428-0430.