Thursday, December 24, 2009

GlutaMAX wants to see a happy new you!

GlutaMAX, that whitening product responsible for the amazing transformation of comedienne Jinky Oda, has an exciting contest and you have but seven days to try your luck! Just share your own transformation story and you can win a MacBook, a trip for two to Hong Kong, a Nokia 5000, an iPod and a Sony Cybershot T70!

Here's all you need to do:
1. You need to be a Nuffnang blogger aged at least 18 years old. (Not a Nuffnanger? Join now!)
2. Write a post showing two photos: a BEFORE and an AFTER of any transformation.
3. Describe the transformation (ex: "30 pounds lighter!", "new hippy me", "The power of a red lipstick!").
4. Title the entry, "The New Me"
5. Include a photo of yourself with any GlutaMAX product at the end of the entry, and the tagline "GlutaMAX, See the Results!"
6. E-mail the URL of your blog post with your full name, place of residence, and mobile number to
7. Submit before the deadline of December 31, 2009.

I'm not joining the contest but--just for fun!--here's a look at a before-and-after of me!

My dear friend Jennie of Kikay Corner uploaded some of her old photos on her Facebook profile. Problem is, some of those photos included me! Ack! Can't believe I looked like this before:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win a pot of La Prairie Platinum Creme!

All of these women love the December issue of OK! magazine. And because of that, they get a chance to win La Prairie Cellular Creme Platinum Rare--currently the most expensive moisturizer on earth!

I was able to get two sample sachets before and then a 5 mL pot, too! I used the sachets but, because I'm oily, I guess I didn't really need a rich moisturizer. Here's my review. So now I have an unopened and unused pot of this pricey cream and I'm giving it away!

Want to know how you can win this pot for yourself? Go here now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I love the Flora by Gucci TVC

I just saw this on TV and I fell in love with it immediately.

Here's the ultra-long version:

I love everything about it--the girl, the dress, the field of flowers, the sunset, the magical way the flowers move with her... The only thing I don't like is the voice at the end--that voice sounded bored.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Manila's most fashionable come out for an exhibition of Philippine couture

Summit Media, the publisher of my magazine OK! Philippines, had a grand ball last week to celebrate designer Salvacion Lim-Higgins, who revolutionized fashion design in the Philippines in the years after the Second World War.

Sister magazines Preview and Town & Country Philippines hosted the gala. I didn't go because OK! only covers Hollywood stars so there really was no point but because I was curious to see what local fashionistas wear on the red carpet, I checked out Style Bible for the coverage. Well, I was immensely delighted, a bit disappointed and even repulsed (very few, don't get excited)--but I was very entertained nevertheless! And because I'm an entertainment mag editor, I love being amused.

And again, because I am an entertainment magazine editor--not a fashion editor!--I won't criticize anyone's style. But here are the delightful dresses I adored (I arranged the ladies in alphabetical order):
Anne Curtis
She's wearing a Slim original and she looks divine.Anne really knows how to work it--everything about her is perfect. The hair, the makeup, the jewelry, the accessories.  A lot of the women that night messed up on one or two things; if their dress was fab, their hair was a joke or their makeup too thick or they brought the wrong bag or wore the wrong shoes. But Anne? Anne is perfection. What an amazing stylish woman!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween glamour!

It's Halloween this weekend! And with the second Twilight franchise coming to theaters in a few weeks, everyone's going crazy over Team Edward and Team Jacob. Well, at this year's Halloween parties, why not show whose side you're on by donning these glamorous looks?



Fantabulous beauty blog Hair in Manila details how you can look like a sexy she-wolf or a sultry vampire in its Halloween Glam series. Hop on over there now for inspiration!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BIG BIG SALE! Beauty products for Mio!

If you're new here, I've been selling the authentic and unused beauty products we magazine editors get from beauty brands. We hope to raise money for Mio's chemo. So far, we've raised P36,482.32.

Thank you to the following--Leyda DC, Riza Jane C, Lanie B, Pilar C, Lee Shen G, Laurice C, Jenny S, Rorie C, Chris M, Ro-Anne V, Lana C, Carmina E, Gwyn G, Lizelle I, Gelyn SC, Lou M, Michelle G, Joanna F, Mai L, Rachelle M, Elaine N, Kristine C, Arlene S, Marcie L, Kaye E, Mariel C, Chi, Sharon P, Leslie L, Levy M, Tara C, Myrza S, Pauline J, Pete L, Jing L, Kat Von E, Kabbie R and Annie S!

To those not new here, here are some stuff for sale again! Because Mio still needs to continue his treatment and chemo can be very expensive. There is some good news though: Mio is already feeling much better and responding quite well to his medicines. In his mother Jasmine's words,

"Mio is getting stronger and smarter by the day, as if cancer wa
s just a cough or a cold.
He frequently asks, "when are my teachers coming? Can I s
tudy now?"

See? We all have a part in his life! And we can continue to make it a better and healthy life. Praying for his recovery, supporting the other projects for him, and buying the stuff here will certainly help!

Thanks so much to the many editors who donated these new and yummy beauty products!
P1,500 (+ P80 shipping)
Includes 2 lip liners, 2 lip glosses, 2 eye liners, 6 eye shadow palettes, 3 blushes, 2 shimmer powders, 1 lip palette, 3 nail polishes, 1 face brush, 1 eye brush, 1 lip brush, pencil sharpener in a cute velvet hard case
P250 (+ P80 shipping)
Sorry, I couldn't find a photo on the web of the exact same BB one given to me.
But this Smashbox dual compact is exactly like the Bobbi Brown one that I do have!

P250 (+ P80 shipping)
Sorry, the shade above is not the one I have (I couldn't find a photo on the web!).
The one I have is a pale pretty blue. Costs GBP 4.

P150 (+ P80 shipping)
Okay, that's not exactly the shade either. The one I have is a nice shimmery coppery gold. Costs $22.
The outside of the case is peeling off, though. That's why I'm selling it for incredibly cheap.
P250 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs P840
P300 (+ P80 shipping)
The Refreshing Body Powder by Origins is USDA certified organic and therefore nontoxic containing natural ingredients. Because it is free of hazardous chemicals, it is also efficient to produce, having a smaller overall impact because it does not require the production of additional chemicals. Costs $22.50.

P300 (+ P80 shipping)
This product uses organic vinegar as an antiseptic with scents of lemons, lavender,
mandarin and ginger. It’s a unisex product but certain woodsy aromas tip it
in the masculine direction.
Costs $14

P100 (+ P80 shipping)
A powerful treatment lotion that revitalizes your skin, detoxifies skin as it neutralizes
skin-damaging free radicals and boosts cell metabolism & visibly reduces fatigue, dullness.
This is a sample size of just 1oz/30ml.
P1,000 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs P1,950 at Kiehl's Greenbelt 5. Here, it's almost 50% off!
P700 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs $28 (P1,330) online. Here, it's 50% off!

P765 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs $32 (P1,527) online. Here, it's 50% off!
P200 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs P432.45. Here, it's 50% off!

P480 + (P80 shipping)
Got very dry skin? Mango seed oil moisturizes
your skin fast! Costs P960 in shops. Here, it's 50% off!
P397.50 (+ P80 shipping)
Tickly tummy softening lotion for gentle giggly moisturization, enriched
with oil from the precious Amazonian buriti tree. Costs P795 at shops. Here, it's 50% off!
P220 (+ P80 shipping)
Apparently, this is what Bella Swan smells like. Well, if it's enough to drive
Edward Cullen crazy, then maybe you should get this cologne!

P4,780 (+ P80 shipping)
1.7 fl. oz. Costs $199. Here, it's 50% off!

P1,730 (+ P80 shipping)
1.7 fl. oz. Costs P3,460. Here, it's 50% off!

Please send an email to if you wish to buy. Tell me the product/s you want, your name, delivery address and phone numbers. Please also tell me how you wish to pay.

I accept PayPal, G-Cash and deposits to my BDO bank account. Once payment is received, I will send the beauty products straight to your doorstep. Yes, I combine shipping! Thank you for your generosity and happy shopping!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with beauty

My weekend had a lovely start when I checked out the World Pink event yesterday at Rustan's Makati. The pink-themed affair was sponsored by Estee Lauder Group of Companies so I was very excited to see not just Estee Lauder products but products and activities from their other brands as well (La Mer, Bobbi Brown, Clinique).

The focus of the event is our wellness. So women attendees, especially those from the I Can Serve Foundation, had a fun time learning to value their health. There were cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, makeup lessons, facials, skin consultations plus the yummiest hors d'oeuvres served by Intercontinental Hotel. And, did I forget to mention the fabulous freebies? We all got a little pouch with a fluffy towel, a Bobbi Brown lip-and-cheeks pot rouge and mini blush brush, and--of course!--a pink ribbon.

Healthy food need not be yucky, guests learn at the cooking demos.

Exercise is needed for complete wellness so guests gamely do yoga.

This lady has her skin professionally scrutinized by a Clinique expert.

Everyone gets pointers on how to look good!

Beauty writer Marie Calica gets a pampering session from La Mer.

A guest goes through a makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter.

Each guest brought home a pouch full of prettifiers

Raise awareness on breast cancer and care more for yourself and the women in your life by going to World Pink this weekend. You still have all of today and tomorrow to enjoy some pampering!

First photo details: With the Estee Lauder ladies and fellow editors. That's me at center in a white Kate Torralba dress featuring embroidered pink cherry blossoms, Bayo cardigan, Schu flats and Longchamp clutch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Estee Lauder launches fun and fab weekend for Breast Cancer Awareness

It's October! That means it's time to wear pink and promote breast cancer awareness. This weekend, Estee Lauder lined up some lovely activities for us ladies to enjoy--all in the name of finding a cure!Marketing Manager Sandra Lacson tells us more about what we can expect: "Estee Lauder is holding a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign-Wellness Weekend this Saturday and Sunday at the 5th floor, Heaven on the Fifth, Rustan's Makati. Activities include Yoga sessions, Cooking Demonstrations and Makeup Workshops. Plus, all the Brands have different offerings: Clinique Derma consultation, Estee Lauder skin-typing consultation, Bobbi Brown makeup lessons, La Mer Essentials pampering session. Activities are on-going for the whole weekend. Bring your family and friends. See you there!"

I'm so going there! And, of course, I'll be wearing pink! I'll post photos from the event soonest! Hope to see you girls there...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is the most expensive face cream on the planet!

... and I have it sitting pretty in my beauty closet!

In the US, the 50 ml jar of this platinum-infused cream costs a whopping $1,000. Here in Rustan's, it costs even more--P56,500 or $1,193. That means you spend about P1,000 each time you dip your finger in the pot! I didn't get that big jar, though (thank goodness because I don't think I'd be able to use it!). Anna Go of Rustan's sent me the 5 ml jar.

I just read the press material and I won't bore you with all the scientific mumbo-jumbo. I'm going to just cut and paste the explanation of La Prairie on why they charge an astronomical amount on this cream: "Platinum is so rare that it requires ten tons of ore to produce a single ounce. La Prairie’s scientists found that platinum, which has the ability to bond with the human skin, exhibited incomparable anti-aging properties. Colloidal Platinum Water – the suspension of particles of platinum in water – establishes an electrical balance in the epidermis, which enables the skin to function at its most efficient level. It does this by creating a buffer zone, similar to that found in young skin, which maintains an optimal moisture level and by enhancing the skin’s ability to take in nourishing minerals, known as electrolytes because they carry an electrical charge, at the height of their efficiency."

Okay, okay... All I need to know is that La Prairie is the cream that Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston use! This particular Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is used by Nicollette Sheridan and she's 45 and she looks damn fine.

I've just started using it. Two days ago in fact. So far, I see no breathtaking changes (well, it has only been two days...) but I will say that this fact amazed me so much that my jaw dropped this morning--the fine lines around my eyes are GONE.


Still, it's pricey. It's insanely pricey! La Prairie responds, "The price of platinum itself exceeds that of gold. Then there are the expenses of developing a formula containing the most exotic ingredients from all over the world and utilizing the costliest, most highly advanced biotechnology. Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is designed for the woman who wants the best of everything: the woman who places high value on recharging her skin with youthful beauty."

I'm a woman who wants the best of everything but even I was stunned by the cost. If you're more financially fortunate than me, then this just might be the cream for you. To the rest of us, we'll just have to stay out of the sun, sleep well, eat right and love lots to look good without spending that much!

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is available at Rustan's Makati for P56,500 (50ml).

UPDATE: It's been almost a month that I've been using this cream and I have to tell you that I've stopped using it. Little pimples have sprouted all over my face. Rorie Carlos, the fashion and beauty editor of Town & Country and who is a fan of this La Prairie platinum cream, told me that the reason for the breakout is it's too rich for me. Yup, I guess my face is not meant for ultra-expensive creams. My face is quite happy with Olay!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buy more beauty products for Mio!

To my generous donors, you are helping a little boy with leukemia in his battle... and you're helping him beautifully! So far, we've raised P26,193.89. This is very good but our battle to save Mio Mendiola from cancer is costly so again we knock-knock-knock on your hearts!

If you're new here, I've been selling the authentic and unused beauty products we magazine editors get from beauty brands. We hope to raise money for Mio's chemo (see here and here!).

If you're not new here and you've been waiting for the new stuff, well... I haven't updated my blog sale here because I held the sale for my fellow co-workers this week so that I won't have to collect payment and ship products for a while. My schedule's pretty packed, you see, and I can't always send off the products bought asap (sorry to the blogger friends who got their stuff late!). I feel terrible for sending them late! Please be patient with me!

Anyway, here are some stuff for sale! Thanks again to the many editors who donated these!

P1,320 (+ P80 shipping)
1 fl. oz. Costs $55. Here, it's 50% off!
P556.50 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs $22 (P1,045) online.
YOU SAVE P488.50
P750 (+ P80 shipping)
Costs $25 (P1,188) online.

Please send an email to if you wish to buy. Tell me the product/s you want, your name, delivery address and phone numbers. Please also tell me how you wish to pay.

I accept PayPal, G-Cash and deposits to my BDO bank account. Once payment is received, I will send the beauty products straight to your doorstep. Yes, I combine shipping! Thank you for your generosity and happy shopping!

IMPORTANT: If you arrived here from a link, please check more recent posts. All products here have been sold and I most probably have other and newer sale posts for Mio. Thanks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovin' Lanvin

I'm one of those women who have a signature fragrance. So while I appreciate the dozens of perfumes I get to review for OK! magazine, my heart belongs to one and only one fragrance: Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege eau de parfum.
I've been using Eclat d'Arpege since 2003. It is the only perfume that smells good on me! My skin is weird because it really changes the scent. When I was on the quest to find my perfume, I discovered to my utter distress that some fragrances are horrific once I spray them on (i.e. on my skin, Clinique Happy smells like pee).

Eclat D'Arpege, however, was a revelation. After visiting countless perfume counters for a year, I finally found The One. I love everything about Eclat d'Arpege--from the Art Deco bottle to the pale lilac tinge. And let me explain why I love its smell so much. Eclat d'Arpege has head notes of Sicilian lemon leaves and green lilac; heart notes of wisteria blossom, green tea leaves, peach blossom, red peony and osmanthus of China; and base notes of white cedar of Lebanon, sweet musks and precious amber. That's not the reason I love the smell, though!

While the ingredients are all flowery, on my skin, it's remarkably different! At first, my skin smells floral but light and oh so beautifully elegant. But as my skin warms the scent, the fragrance turns to a yummy chocolate. It's divine. And the best thing is it smells like chocolate on me and me alone--everyone else who tried it didn't have the same delicious result!

Now, when Luxasia's JP Paglinawan found out I am loyal to Lanvin, guess what I found on my desk? The brand's latest limited edition scent (thanks, JP!)!
The limited edition is flamboyant with its saffron-tinged liquid and decorative orange tassle--and if you've been following my personal blog, you'd know I love orange. According to the description, the scent is a happy melody of floral and citrus--pink grapefruit, tangy mandarin, bergamot, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, peach, cedar, amber and musk. This is definitely stronger and heavier than my usual Eclat D'Arpege.

On my skin, however, no citrus happened--my skin transformed this limited edition perfume to a light powdery fragrance, reminiscent of baby girls, creamy milk and pink ribbons on a cloudless summer day. Very strange but very nice! I love it!

Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege and its limited edition variant are available at select department stores.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let yoga, surfing and samba make you beautiful

My friend--super mom Monica Eleazar-Manzano--is a health nut. And why not? Since she had her gorgeous baby boy Santiago, Monica's been taking care of her mind, body and spirit so that she can be the best wife and mom she can be. If you wish to also love yourself so you can be better at loving others, why don't you join Monica in a "Weekend Retreat of the Senses" this November?On November 28-30, at the San Juan Surf Resort in La Union, you can learn Vinyasa yoga, commune with nature, ride quality waves, dance to the beat of the drums and nourish yourself with healthy wholesome food. The FLOW Surf.Yoga.Samba Weekend Retreat aims to unify the body, mind and soul.

Monica tells me, "Practicing yoga will develop focus, strength and flexibility. Surfing will develop your confidence, stamina and ocean awareness. Dancing and creating music enhances sense of well-being and build social skills. The whole retreat is complemented with vegetarian food to help nourish this unique journey to self-discovery."

Rates are:
  • P6,500 per person
  • P6,000 early bird rate (Register and pay on or before Oct. 5, 2009)
Package Inclusions:
  • 2 Vinyasa Yoga sessions by Monica Eleazar-Manzano
  • 2 Surfing lessons with Luke Landrigan of The Billabong Surf School
  • 2 Samba lessons and jamming with Escola de Samba Manila
  • Roundtrip transportation from Manila-La Union
  • Food & Lodging
  • Healthy Meals (w/ vegetarian option)
  • Flow T-Shirts
  • Tote Bag with freebies from sponsors
Sounds interesting, right? At the very least, you'll have a weekend nourishing yourself, enjoying the waves and meeting new people--all of which are guaranteed to make you beautiful inside and out!

For more details, contact Monica at (0915)294-3441 or at

This event is co-presented by Gaiam and Sanuk. In partnership with Nivea. Major sponsors are ROX, Sea to Summit, Nalgene, Fitflop. With special participation of Sofitel, Fluidsurf, Twinkle, Moringana, Brownbelly and Dharma. Media partners ONESPORT, Action & Fitness Magazine, QTV, NU107

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More products for sale!

I have sooooo many product updates, I don't know where to start! Guerlain, Lanvin, Make Up For Ever, Revlon, Kerastase... I promise to update with beauty news soonest!

So busy! It's just that I've been wrapped up with the October issue of OK! magazine and taking care of my sick rabbit, leaving me emotionally exhausted. I've also been collecting donations from my fellow editors to raise money for little Mio's chemotherapy. I have a TON of stuff--the editors have been extremely generous in giving me their new and unused beauty products.

If this is your first time to read this blog, let me tell you about Mio Mendiola--he's an adorable, smart and talented 5-year-old boy who is fighting leukemia. A group of people are trying to help Mio win his battle and people--strangers from all over the world!--have helped donate to this cause. I'd like to thank Lee Shen G, Lanie B, Pilar C, Riza Jane C, Laurice C, Lizelle I, Chris M, Ro-Anne V for purchasing products and thanks also to those who sent money to help fund Mio's chemo.

I'm putting up a few products on this post. Again, all proceeds of the sales made in this blog post will go to Mio's leukemia treatment. I will be adding more products in the next few days so watch this space! Pleeeeease be patient while I research descriptions, prices and photos.

P500 (+ P80 shipping)
Fight the seven signs of aging with this cream! Costs P700.


P237.50 (+ P80 shipping)
Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! Lash Blast's patented volume-boosting formula
and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash,
leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. Cost $7


P402.50 (+ P80 shipping)
No-mess liquid eyeliner creates a precise line from soft to dramatic. Felt tip controlled
application. Smudge-proof lasting color that wears up to 16 hours. Costs P575.

YOU SAVE P172.50


P2,500 (+ P80 shipping)
This revolutionary stretch mark cream is clinically proven to reduce
the appearance of stretch marks! And it's also used by some
men and women on their wrinkles! Costs $135 (P6,596.10)

YOU SAVE P4,096!

P237.50 (+ P80 shipping)
Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! Lash Blast's patented volume-boosting formula
and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash,
leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. Cost $7
YOU SAVE P101.72


P500 (+ P80 shipping)
Fight the seven signs of aging and combine the flawless finish
of foundation with this cream! Costs P700.


P100 (+ P80 shipping)
This looks amazing on bronzed/tan/morena skin! It leaves a golden sheen
on your skin. I think this is about P250 in SM Dept Store.


P100 (+ P80 shipping)
Enriched with pure lemon essence, this creamy toner lifts off dead
skin cells, smooths and lightens skin, helping a translucent complexion
and a soft supple skin to resurface.

P250 (+ P80 shipping)
Developed to restore and rejuvenate the look of the eye area thanks to its unique technology
which combines 2 formulas in 1 action to treat
men's sagging eyelids, bags, crow’s feet, wrinkles.

P300 (+ P80 shipping)
This toner/serum from the Korean beauty brand contains allicin from
fermented black garlic extracts to moisturize and smoothen skin.

Please send an email to if you wish to buy. Tell me the product/s you want, your name, delivery address and phone numbers. Please also tell me how you wish to pay.

I accept PayPal, G-Cash and deposits to my BDO bank account. Once payment is received, I will send the beauty products straight to your doorstep. Yes, I combine shipping! Thank you for your generosity and happy shopping!

IMPORTANT: If you arrived here from a link, please check more recent posts. All products here have been sold and I most probably have other and newer sale posts for Mio. Thanks!