Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cut and color at Louis Phillip Kee again!

I visited my hairstylist of five years, Louis Phillip Kee, at his posh Bonifacio Global City salon some time ago for a trim and a color.

A salon session can take a long while, about 4-5 hours. That's a long time to be away from my baby boy. And I'm a breastfeeding momma. But I have to be a gorgeous breastfeeding mommy so I sacrificed an afternoon to have my hair done.

Told ya it takes forever. By this time, I had already finished a stack of magazines. Louis's salon has free Wi-Fi, a fact that I forgot. I wish I had brought the iPad. Grr!

It truly does take a long time! That's because I have several colors done. So it's color, wash, dry, color, wash, dry then color, wash, dry. In the days when I didn't have a child, I'd even get a mani-pedi, hair treatment and massage done. That's an entire day spent at the salon! (Yes, Louis offers a ton of fab services to meet all your beauty needs). Now? I rush home to the baby soonest!

Trim, trim! Louis is known for his precision cuts, which my fluffy hair badly needs. My hair isn't straight and sleek. It's kinda wavy and soft and fine--like baby hair. It's not as nice as it sounds. My hair's so thin and fine, it dries up in five minutes and can get really messy because the slightest breath of air makes it fly about my head. So I love Louis's precision cuts because my hair behaves!

See? Perfectly behaved hair! Thanks, Louis! As always, you made me look fabulous. But I have to go back again for a trim. And I think I'm ready to go red again! Let's do this!

To book an appointment at Louis Phillip Kee Salons, click here.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loving the Tod's D Bag

I know, I know. I've been gone forever. Lots of stuff happening these past few weeks--details in both my personal and mommy blogs. It's so easy to neglect my fashion and beauty blog! Sooo bad!

But I come back because I just have to ask you this: Should I buy the iconic Tod's D Bag???

Pardon my animal-print dress. I look pregnant in it! But I don't care. Just please look at the bag. That beautiful bag! Does it suit me? Does it look boring? Does it look too blah? Does it look perfect?

I really really really have been wanting the Tod's D Bag for a looooong time (I say so here). But it's about P70,000 minimum. The other styles--in various skins and leathers and sizes--fetch a much higher price. I've been thinking of saving up for it (I actually can, easily) but my conscience won't allow me to buy a bag that expensive!

I think that when I become a millionaire (yes, it's "when", not "if"--positive thinking!), I can buy a Tod's without wincing. But do you also think that, if I really really want it, should I just end my torture and get it???

Sigh. Oh, Tod's D Bag, I will have you sooner or later! How about you? What's your ultimate must-have bag? Do share!