Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avon fights to end violence against women

This is a cause very dear to my heart, my beautizens. I have experienced abuse not from just one man but from two men. One from an ex-boyfriend and another from a family member. I used to think that hurting women was just a guy thing. I'm so glad my friends, our pastor's wife and my husband have proven to me that any kind of abuse is never okay, hurting those who are weaker is not a "guy thing", and real men treat their women right.

Repeat after me: 
1. Any kind of abuse is never okay.
2. Hurting those who are weaker is not a "guy thing."
3. Real men treat their women (and children!) right.

So I was obviously very happy when Avon celebrated their 125th anniversary with this special announcement: Avon created a $1 million Avon Global Believe Fund that will support women’s domestic violence shelters and agencies all over the world! Part of the work includes providing critical life-saving services for victims of domestic violence and their families. Avon will also fund awareness campaigns so that women everywhere are empowered, and everyone—men, women and children—will know that any kind of abuse against women and children is not normal. 

 Academy Award winner and Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon was at the kick-off event at Atlanta, Georgia, one of the 16 cities that are part of the Avon Believe World Tour. Reese said, “I am so proud to be working with Avon—a company that is on the forefront of women’s issues around the world. Approximately one in three women globally is likely to experience some type of violence in her lifetime.” 

Reese is sadly correct. In the Philippines alone, there were 10,482 reported cases of domestic abuse in 2009. That’s reported. There is no way of knowing how many women silently suffer abuse in their homes, thinking that abuse is part of being a woman. For example, I never told anyone about the violence I suffered until I was waaaay older and I had claimed back my self-esteem and confidence. I agree with Reese when she said, “I believe we all have an obligation to address this vitally important issue, one of the most prevalent yet under-funded problems in the world.”

 Avon Chairman and CEO Andrea Jung explained why the “company for women”—that’s Avon’s proud motto—is pushing to end violence against women and children: “Avon was founded in 1886, 34 years before women in the United States won the right to vote, on the then-revolutionary concept that women could earn an independent income, and achieve financial freedom and personal empowerment. Decade in and decade out, the ‘Avon lady’ has been at the forefront of the changing role of women.” 

“As the company for women, Avon feels an obligation and responsibility to play a leadership role in helping to improve the lives of women around the world, and we truly believe we can make a difference,” Andrea said. With over six million Avon Representatives in over 100 countries, Avon has made it possible for women to find self-worth, provide for their families and earn independence.

Andrea and Reese present Cathy Willis Spraetz, 
CEO of Partnership Against Domestic Violence, with a $60,00 check 
as part of the Avon Global Believe Fund.
Reese isn’t the only celebrity supporting Avon’s cause. During the Avon Believe World Tour (Manila is one of the stops!), Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, Patrick Dempsey and Zoe Saldana are among the special guests expected to rally this cause. 

Like these celebrities, you too can help end domestic violence. To know more about this beautiful cause and how you can support it, please go to Avon's website. Buy Avon products, too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love Louis Phillip Kee Salon

I've been having my hair cared for, cut and colored by Louis Phillip Kee since 2006. There was a rumor that was going around that if Louis touched your hair, you'd be engaged/married within a year. That wasn't going to happen to me, I thought, since Vince and I--together then for 7 years--had no plans to marry. So I went to Louis in March 2006. That December, Vince and I were engaged and we were married on April 2007!

I should've made Louis ninong at our wedding!

Anyway, the last time I had my hair colored was October 2009. One month later, I was pregnant and my OBG and hubby absolutely forbid me to have my hair colored. I vowed, "First thing I'll do after I give birth is go to Louis!" That didn't happen, though. I was just so overwhelmed with new motherhood to even brush my hair!

But last month, I finally decided to drag my frumpy-mom ass to Louis's salon at Bonifacio Global City. And I am oh so glad I finally did!
Professor Snape? Is dat chu?
All over hair color is applied first. Brows are died to match.
Since I'm breastfeeding, the gentle INOA color is used.
Highlights are then applied.
Here I am baking!
Louis and his famous precision cutting.
Mia! She's the best.... everything!
Et voila!
I look like a woman again. I feel like a gorgeous wife and mommy! Thanks, Louis!

To book an appointment at Louis Phillip Kee Salons, click here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Body Shop donates more than half a million pesos to a good cause

Did you give Body Shop gift sets last Christmas? Well, if you didn't, there's Valentine's Day coming up and instead of flowers and chocolates, why don't you give your loved ones Body Shop products? Not only do they last far longer than flowers and chocolates, these products, with your purchase, can help end the trafficking of children.

I'm a mommy so anytime someone says they're trying to help end child abuse, I am so there. When The Body Shop announced that they will be making a large donation to ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), I had to go see for myself.
This dress is too short suddenly!
I donated it to charity over the holidays.
That dress donation doesn't match what Body Shop gave
these kids! That's over half-a-million pesos!
Thanks, Mike and Billie! You are doing the world a lot of good.
Body Shop will continue to support ECPAT this year so please make an informed choice when buying your beauty and bath products and home scents. It's nice to know that the products we use to beautify ourselves will also help beautify the lives of others.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event: Meeting Pond's Gold image model Tweetie de Leon

The Pond's Gold line includes a cleansing mouse, a cleansing foam,
a day cream, a night repair cream, an eye cream and a serum.
Had a lovely lunch the other day. Hosted by Unilever, the lunch was at the luxurious Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-la, in a private room decked in golden touches. Along with other editors, I had an intimate lunch with Pond's Gold image model Tweetie de Leon.

This is her first endorsement of a beauty brand in a long, long time. She told us that she tested Pond's Gold for a couple of months and when she saw the fab results, only then did she agree to sign up as its endorser. I guess she really believes in this anti-aging line! Well, I saw the results up close since I sat right beside her. Tweetie is drop-dead gorgeous and she only had eye makeup on!

Tweetie said that she uses all the products in the line but that her favorites are the cleanser and the serum. She confessed that she's actually very lazy with skincare, hence she quickly found what works best--cleaning and treatment!
Unilever's Jacque Yuengtian (right) said, "No matter
how we try, when we pose beside Tweetie, we just
can't look that good!" I agree, Jacque, but only for me.
You look smashing as always =)
She also revealed that beauty is all about having a beautiful life. If your life is happy, your relationships are great and your body is healthy, it will really show on your skin. So yes, she recommended Pond's Gold as a skincare regime, but she also encouraged us to live happy, healthy and full lives so that our beauty will shine through to everybody!

Pond's Gold gave me a beautiful golden box with the day cream, night cream and serum. I'll just finish testing this other skincare line and then I'll start with Pond's Gold. Watch this space for my review!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Press release: Sharon Cuneta for Marie France

If you regularly pass by the highly congested EDSA-Estrella area, then you've definitely seen the new image model of Marie France. Yes. The megastar herself, Sharon Cuneta.

I think it's a good partnership, Sharon and Marie France. If they can really make her lose weight (and the pictures prove they have), then it's a mutually beneficial (and lucrative) deal.

Now, at 115 lbs., I don't need to lose weight. But as a new mommy, I am dealing with bulges that just refuse to go away. I've already begun exercising but I can't diet yet because I'm breastfeeding my baby boy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that when Sharon started talking about claiming back her body for her kids, I so know what she meant. Here are excerpts from her intreview: 

Childbirth is one of the main reasons why women put on so much weight. How was it for you?
I lost weight after I gave birth to my first daughter, KC. I became thinner than when I was single. I breastfed her for six months. When I had Frankie, I became thinner than I was before having her also. Kaya lang afterwards, dahan-dahan nagki-creep in 'yung weight. Nag-di-diyeta ako nang nabuntis ako with my youngest daughter, Miel. I think it was harder with Miel kasi when my pregnancy with her started, medyo malaki na ako. [Then] I had to bring KC to Paris to leave her there for college, 2003 'yon. Tapos tuluy-tuloy na. Biglang I found out that I was pregnant naman noong January of 2004. Wala na, the weight gain dire-diretso na.
“Whenever I look in the mirror before, it wasn't myself that I saw. And I missed myself so much.”

What is your main motivation for wanting to lose the excess pounds now?
My children and still my work. When I spend time with my children, I noticed I always say, “Stay here muna with me, let's draw.” 'Pag medyo active it's with my husband Kiko or the cousins. They run around. So let's face it naman, before nung 25 to 30 years old ako, kaya ko naman makipaghabulan. Now that I'm in my 40s, it's different. So it's really my kids. I want to be active again for them.

How important is health for you as a mother?
I had to be healthier if I wanted to be more active. I needed to shed unwanted pounds that I was lugging around. I've always wanted to have nice long walks with my children. It's to keep up with them 'pag naghahabulan dyan, when I tickle them, hindi ako hapung-hapo agad.

Among all the slimming centers, why did you choose Marie France?
The truth is, in 1986, I tried Marie France already. That's after KC was born. It really jumpstarted my weight loss. Nakapagtangga pa nga ako nun eh. I just needed to go back to the whole system of Marie France. Besides, I was 44 years old when I underwent their treatments again. I must say I really needed help. If I can lose weight easier with the modern, non-invasive treatments, why not do it 'di ba? And it's a fact that Marie France has built its reputation over the decades. So I mean if you go with something, go with something that has been for the record and on the record successful.

What were your expectations before starting the treatments at Marie France?
I've been very realistic. I mean I didn't expect Marie France to be totally responsible for my weight loss, that it has to be very very rapid. No! I told myself, “This time I'm gonna do it steadily.” I know whatever treatments they have will help me speed it up.  But not too quickly that my body will suffer because it's not healthy to lose weight too quick also. Take it from me.

"I'm true to my word. I'm not gonna accept an endorsement and then tell you it works even if it doesn't."

So far, what results have you gotten from Marie France's treatments?
Oh my golly! Just recently, the one who makes my clothes for one of my TV shows measured me again to make new outfits because almost all of my dresses are maluwag na. And it's so parang my stomach area alone, I lost 7 inches na! That's really huge. My God, it's no joke. And I'm not bagsak. I'm not haggard-looking. With the Marie France treatments, my skin is not, you know, lawlaw.

How did Marie France help you shape up?
Honestly, I had an invasive treatment before. I never denied that. But that's such a quick fix and it gave me more headaches because of the problems it caused on my body. I wish I could have gone to Marie France before going through the invasive procedure. I wish I could have lost weight much sooner, and I would be able to keep it off. Now I'm losing the weight that's close to the natural way at Marie France. If I did what I'm doing now in terms of food intake and even sa diet without their treatments, it would have been next to impossible for me to lose the amount of weight I had in the same amount of time. The treatments have helped me speed up my metabolism and reduce my fat.  It's worth it. It really works. Take it from me.

How do you feel about yourself now?
I've done something with my weight and I feel good! I'm happy with the results. When you feel good about yourself, you're more ganado to work. That's what I feel. I'm more ganado to work. And I'm more active with my kids and I play with them. I'm happier.

"My stomach area alone, I lost 7 inches na! My God, it's no joke."

Your almost six-year battle of the bulge has been quite a journey. What do you appreciate most with your weight loss?
My weight loss is so important to me… Feeling ko, and this is so important especially to me, whenever I look in the mirror before, it wasn't myself that I saw. And I missed myself so much. Because the image was malayo to what I used to have. Parang hindi ako 'to. “Sharon, what did you do? Where are you?” I would tell myself that. So halos kaya ako maiyak-iyak kasi hindi ako makapaniwala sa pictures pa lang, parang nakikita ko ako. I'm getting to the Sharon that I used to be.  And now that I started losing weight … it's just... it's very encouraging. I'm so touched. I'm very happy. I'm getting there, really getting there.

What is your message to women who are battling the bulge?
If you're feeling hopeless, please don't. I've been in that desperate stage. I asked myself many times, “Ako ba papayat pa?” But when I tried the Marie France treatments and I noticed that my weight loss was speeding up, I was encouraged to continue to lose more weight. Ngayon I don't wanna let go. Kasi I've lost weight and inches already. Once you've lost this much you don't wanna gain back even four pounds or three pounds. It's scary. Ako parang I'm so inspired and I'm so encouraged. So for those who really know me, they know that I'm true to my word. I'm not gonna accept an endorsement and then tell you it works even if it doesn't. I recommend Marie France – it really works! 

For inquiries, call Marie France at 894-BODY (2639).

Disclosure: This is a press release. I didn't try any slimming treatments since... well, I'm only 115 lbs!

I'm back! And here are my blog resolutions!

Of my three blogs, this beauty blog is the hardest to update. It should be the easiest because I get so many beauty products! But here are my reasons for not updating as often as I should:

1. I get too many products. I only have one face and one body!
2. I tried giving the products to other people to review. They didn't write the reviews. Or by the time they did, there was a new collection/improved product out.
3. I didn't really want a press release-y blog. And of course, the products came with lengthy press releases!
4. At the events I attended, I didn't look too nice. Haha!  

So I'll make new changes in this blog. From now on, you'll know from the title if the post is an event, a press release or a review. I'll try to minimize the PRs and do more reviews (good luck to me!).

See you around!