Friday, June 26, 2009

WIN! Gift certificates for face and body treatments at Aesthetic Science


I promised my readers a giveaway and here it is!

Sitting on my desk are fabulous gift certificates from Aesthetic Science Clinic for Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

I am giving them all away to ONE LUCKY READER!

Here's what the winner will get:
  • Diamond Peel worth P1,200 - This innovative non-chemical exfoliation treatment corrects the signs of aging and sun damaged skin with no downtime at all. It also helps in the improvement of acne scars and stretch marks. For optimal results, a series of treatments is advised. It is a safe and therapeutic approach to skin care when done in combination with other facial treatments.
  • eMax Skin Rejuvenation worth P3,500 for face - uses combined energies for effective and gentle restoration & rejuvenation of skin appearance
  • Body Scrub with Bleach plus Massage worth P1,400 - A 2-hour relaxing body treatment for softer, smoother and lighter skin. A rich sea salt is blended with the finest oils that has exfoliating properties and is used to remove dead and unwanted skin. A bleaching agent is then applied all over the body.
  • Reshape worth P4,000 for abdomen/butt and thighs - employs cutting edge RF technology to heat the inner layer of skin to achieve a Total Body Reshaping and sculpting. This revolutionary heat wave therapy will improve your body contour and skin texture to give you that toned, firm look without aggressive exercise or dieting.
That's a total of P10,000 worth of facial and body treatments!

Want to be pampered? Here's how you can win:

1. Write about the contest in your blog.
2. Make sure to link your post to this post.
3. Leave a comment informing me of your post.
4. Wait for 7 days. Contest ends on July 3 midnight and I'll announce the winner the next day!

The winner will be drawn randomly. Of course, I'll be checking if he/she also did a post on his/her blog first! I will then send the fabulous gift certificates to the winner--shipping's on me!
Gift certificates are valid until August 31, 2009. Winner may claim the treatments at:
Aesthetic Science Clinic
G/F Jupiter Place, Jupiter Street

Bel-Air, Makati City

Good luck! Spread the word!

The Beauty Writer

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trying Murad Professional Scalp Treatment

I was quite heartened by my hubby's successful experience with his hair. As some of you who follow my personal blog may know, I'm a hair color addict. I've been dyeing my hair different colors since I was 18. So now my hair is pretty thin (yikes!) and I was given Murad's Professional Scalp Treatment for Color-Treated and Thinning Hair to repair and heal my battered scalp.

It's a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment serum. The set is easy enough to use--shampoo, condition and treat daily. I'm a dirty hair kinda girl, however. While I love showers, I usually let my hair go unwashed for a day or two since it's easier to style then. Well, now I wash my hair every day and so it's just fluffy and annoying.

I've only used this set for two weeks so I can't say if it works. So far though, whenever I tell my beauty editor friends I'm using Murad for thinning hair, they all say, "Better use Phyto. It's the best." Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to give Murad a try!

UPDATE: I've stopped using this. Been having daily headaches and dizziness--my hubby even asks me if I'm pregnant. I didn't think Murad had anything to do with this (I always blame work or family stress) until I read this review on Amazon. Yikes!

The Beauty Writer

Friday, June 19, 2009

I know I promised a giveaway...

... and I do have one, too! Just finalizing the details with the medical spa that's giving away the prizes. I'll post the details on that one as soon as this beauty giveaway is done! It's over on my other blog, Topaz Horizon. It's just a fun little contest. Hope you hop on over there. Enjoy!

The Beauty Writer

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thinning hair? Phyto Trichovital to the rescue!

This post is for the man in your life.

Last month, Rustan's Essences sent over Phyto Trichovital for Thinning Hair Exclusively for Men to my darling hubby. The set includes an Energizing Shampoo and an Intense Restorative Hair Treatment spray. The products promised notable hair growth in three months. The hubby got a little upset: "I'm not bald!" He's not, but his hairline had begun to recede and his hair to thin, due to, I most certainly believe, the terrible stress he endures at work. So I said, "Can I take them home and read the literature first?"

As he watched TV or played video games, I read aloud the leaflets in the box and the consumer reviews on the Internet. "This stuff really works! This guy said his hair became thicker in just a month!"
So the hubby finally agreed to give it a try. Every other day, he'd use the shampoo and, after towel-drying his hair, I'd spray the treament onto his scalp and massage his scalp for 5 minutes. It was fun doing this, by the way, since it almost always led to...

Anyway! Though Phyto promised results in 3 months, we've already noticed very good changes after just one month. The hubby is now dandruff-free and tons of baby hair are growing--you can hardly see his scalp now. If the line has any cons, it's just that (1) it smells kinda herbal/medicinal but it's very faint, and (2) his hair is now growing faster so he'll need to visit the barber soon and more frequently. So, it's all still good!

We're very happy with the results! We can't wait to see what his hair will look like 2 months from now.

Phyto Trichovital for Thinning Hair Exclusively for Men is available at Rustan's Essenses and Univers Phyto Salon. I don't know how much the set costs but I do know it's expensive. I'll update this post within the week with the prices.

The Beauty Writer

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prize winners' thanks

I'm already planning my next beauty giveaway. It's not going to be as spectacular as the first contest (I don't have any Shu Uemura makeup brushes anymore!) but it will be just as fun anyway so I'm hoping my regular and fabulous and beautiful readers will still join.

Meanwhile (just so you know I really do send out the prizes!), here's the thanks of the three winners of my first ever blog giveaway:

Ekimura from the USA
Daphne's Diary from the Philippines

Dunibagz from Germany

It is so much fun to make other people happy. So let me make you happy, too. Check this blog in the next few days because I'll have another lovely giveaway!

The Beauty Writer

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lancome's Genifique is so good!

So today is the eighth day since I started using Lancome's latest anti-aging serum, Genifique and, as promised, here's my review. Genefique boasts that you'll "See visibly younger skin in 7 days." Now, I really look young for my 32 years (see photo below!) so I thought that if people start asking what college I go to, then Genifique works!

The serum activates our genes to promote the production of certain proteins that will make skin look young again. It's simple to use--just warm a few drops between your fingers then apply to freshly washed skin, then you can follow with your usual skincare regimen. Yes, you won't have to throw the stuff on your dresser! For the purpose of testing Genifique, I used it exclusively this week. I was promised the following results:
  • Vibrant with youth, skin looks like it's lit from within, breathtakingly radiant
  • Skin is cushiony soft, velvety to the touch
  • Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined
At the end of 7 days, here are the results I saw:

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm trying out Lancome Genifique

Whenever I get stuff from beauty brands, I get excited. But when they come in mysterious white boxes, that means the product is so new that only I and a few others have the coveted bottle!

Lancome Weddings for the lovely bride

Just a little announcement that brides-to-be may find useful... Lancôme Paris has a special gift for all brides with its recently launched Lancôme Weddings, which offers beauty packages to help prepare the bride become even more beautiful for her big day.

Brides can expect the following:
  • Professional makeup services by Lancôme Makeup Artists and Lancôme Makeup Experts
  • Personalized Lancôme skin care regimen
  • Pre-wedding pampering with Lancôme facial treatments
  • Luxurious gifts and bridal kits from Lancôme Paris
  • Supplementary Rose rewards points for MYLANCÔME members
Sounds exciting, right? And it's pretty affordable, too. You can choose from 3 packages:
  • Noces de Or (starts at Php 16,000),
  • Noces de Diamant (starts at Php 19,000), and
  • Noces de Platine (starts at Php 23,000)
Interested parties may visit the Lancôme Paris Boutique, Greenbelt 5, Makati City, or may call (632) 729-9394 to inquire or to book a Lancôme Wedding.

The Beauty Writer

*that's me on my wedding day! I'm a L'Oreal bride, though. Makeup given as a gift by Jigs Mayuga, L'Oreal Paris Chief Makeup Artist. Hair by Ney Guesse.