Monday, March 29, 2010

Shiseido launches its White Lucent line

Last week, right before I got sick, I attended a lovely product launch at the Ayala Museum. Shiseido launched its White Lucent Intensive Whitening line. 

Shiseido calls this the most powerful whitening solution ever, able to diminish age spots, darkened pores and acne marks! Now I know I said I don't believe in whitening but I do want to try the serum for some stubborn acne marks I've gotten recently. Pregnancy has given me a smattering of acne, and I have scars on my cheeks and forehead that aren't fading away. But I'll have to wait till after I give birth because my derma doesn't want me using whitening stuff while I'm pregnant.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kiehl's launches their SPF line with a colorful splash

As a principle, I don't believe in skin whitening. Love the skin you're in! But I do believe that if you have scars and spots, a little brightening and lightening is great to even out the skin tone. Now, scars you can prevent by being careful, and if you really don't want to get freckles, sun spots, wrinkles, leathery skin, and every skin problem under the sun, then do one and only one thing: AVOID THE SUN!

Of course, since we can't avoid the sun all the time, especially this summer, do the next best thing: USE SPF! Religiously! Kiehl's recently launched their Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with an SPF of 50! That's pretty strong protection and, with this summer's El Nino raging, just what we Filipinos need.

I'll talk about SPF in another post. For this one, let's talk about the lovely party Kiehl's threw for the beauty media.

Caronia says, "It's your time to sparkle!"

Caronia nail polish sent me an email. Here's a read:
Greetings from Caronia Philippines. We came across your blog entries about Caronia Nail polish and we would like to thank you for the fab raves!
By the way, we recently launched our official website and Facebook fan page. Visit us at or look for Caronia Philippines on Facebook. We also have an on-going online photo contest, for more details visit

It's your to Sparkle!
Your friends from Caronia Philippines

Monday, March 22, 2010

Join the Shen's Addiction Fantabulous Big Beauty Giveaway!!!

My beautiful blogger friend Shen is celebrating her blog's second anniversary with an uber fabulous beauty giveaway and a new blog called Manila Beauty Blog! The new blog is supposed to be an extension of her beauty blogging but, so far, it has posts on fashion--which, in increasingly stylish Manila, is the industry to watch!

Shen and me at a Body Shop event last November

First, let me tell you about Shen. She's one of the sweetest, kindest, smartest and friendliest people I've ever met. That doesn't make her a doormat, by the way. Personally, I don't like the simple sweet kind. She isn't like that--she's sugar and spice. My kinda girl!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm baaaaaack, beauties!

I haven't blogged here since forever! Beauty blogging is hard, folks. I thought it would be easy, given how many products I get as the editor of OK! Philippines. But the beauty industry is beyond huge! Every week, there's a new product launch, a new innovation, a new technology, new stuff to review... and I just can't keep up. The products and press kits have made mini-mountains at my desk at work and at home. My bosses and my husband are complaining!!!

Here are just some of the lovely boxes I've been getting from...

the new Regenerist Cream
Magnifique perfume and body lotion 
with a tiny tube of mascara

Bobbi Brown
lip glosses and an eye shadow palette
with a personalized pot of lip color

I have a lot more. You won't believe how many more I have--boxes and crates and cabinets of this fabulous stuff! I almost posted photos of my office and my overflowing product cabinet but I got embarrassed at my mess. So I'm finally going to blog about the stuff I've been getting--for the sake of my marriage and my job!

I do want to say that the beauty industry's been pretty exciting this 2010. So many new things for primping and prettification! So do visit this blog soon as I have a lot of things to tell you about--all of them beautiful!