Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mary Kay's MelaCEP Whitening Set not very effective

I've been using the Mary Kay MelaCEP Whitening System for a month now and I see absolutely no improvement in my complexion. The set consists of a facial wash, a freshener, a dark spot serum, an essence, a day moisturizer, a night cream and a moisture-rich mask. I'm terribly low-maintenance so the many products were a bit of a turn off. Yet I religiously followed the 7-step program night and day. In the end, I saw no visible lightening of spots or even the promise of a glowing complexion. And for P9,030 for the entire set... Well, that's a bit expensive for stuff that doesn't really work!

And it smells like spoiled milk, too.

The Beauty Writer

*product photo courtesy of Mary Kay


doctor in pink said...

wow... nice blog entries. :) thanks for adding my link on your blog. :) more power. :)

the beauty writer said...

Thanks, Doc! Hope to see you here again soon. I have a fab giveaway coming up!

Anonymous said...

Hhhmmm...I started using Clinique's Derma White Brightening Toner to get rid of my acne scars without being red or flaky (or both). I'm on my 2nd week, no dramatic results yet. The scars seem to be fading slowly. Although, it helped my skin stay clear and it doesn't have that "fake" whitening effect. Hehe.

The Beauty Writer said...

Well, two weeks is not a long time. Usually, whitening takes at least 6 weeks, but maximum effects are usually seen in 8 weeks. Has something to do with cell turnover or something =) But from your comments, seems like a great product! Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Oh. Now I feel better about purchasing the product. Thank you for that info! =)

Wan~Iedah said...

Hi Beauty Writer...im also Mary Kay Beauty Consultant frm Malaysia. I had been using This Mary Kay melaCEP whitening set since the past 2 weeks. It sound great! May i know the instructions of daily regime? sometimes the user seems apply in wrong instruction.
within 2 weeks, my acne scar if turn to light pink from dark brown scar color. Then my uneven skin tone is better now :)
email me at wnursaiedah@gmail.com

hope to hear from u :) Bye

Anonymous said...

hi i am not a beauty consultant like wan i just end up this page because i tried mary kay melacep 3wks now i think? i'm searching where can i buy it cheaper its like a miracle to me seriously but too expensive. maybe wan is right when following instructions because my pimple dark scars has lighten cause from acne but its merely gone now..or maybe i can work on newly dark spots and for very long scars or dark spots i think i wont work. i'm using just a sample sachet