Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loving the Tod's D Bag

I know, I know. I've been gone forever. Lots of stuff happening these past few weeks--details in both my personal and mommy blogs. It's so easy to neglect my fashion and beauty blog! Sooo bad!

But I come back because I just have to ask you this: Should I buy the iconic Tod's D Bag???

Pardon my animal-print dress. I look pregnant in it! But I don't care. Just please look at the bag. That beautiful bag! Does it suit me? Does it look boring? Does it look too blah? Does it look perfect?

I really really really have been wanting the Tod's D Bag for a looooong time (I say so here). But it's about P70,000 minimum. The other styles--in various skins and leathers and sizes--fetch a much higher price. I've been thinking of saving up for it (I actually can, easily) but my conscience won't allow me to buy a bag that expensive!

I think that when I become a millionaire (yes, it's "when", not "if"--positive thinking!), I can buy a Tod's without wincing. But do you also think that, if I really really want it, should I just end my torture and get it???

Sigh. Oh, Tod's D Bag, I will have you sooner or later! How about you? What's your ultimate must-have bag? Do share!


Menchie said...

Hey Frances! I don't know, am of two minds about the D Bag. I went to the store to see and feel but in the end, it didn't strike me breathless. So I have let go of that fantasy and focusing on the Mulberry Alexa. THAT one I cannot get out of my mind!

But the bag looks good when you carry it! So I guess...get it na! :D

Beauty For A Living said...

I know what you mean! When I held it, the bag looks kinda blah. It's too simple. Thing is I like simple. All my bags are simple. But then they don't cost almost $2000! I'm so tortured. Haha! Thanks, Menchie =)

A Loopy Life said...

I agree. The bag does look good on you. I actually tried this on in the store as well and found it blah as well. :) For $2k, I think it should be love at first sight!

sapphirebelle said...

Miss F, I think you should go for it and buy the much coveted D bag.the style is so classic and you can never go you can actually hand it down to your daughter someday...
But I think you need to let go of a few compensate ( lack of a better more appropriate word sorry) for the mighty expensive pricetag.
I usually do that..when I buy stuff that’s a tad too expensive for my taste, I let go of a few things by donating them to the less fortunate ones (happy friends, colleagues or charity) or selling them at ebay. Having “too many bags” is a non existence phrase in a fab woman’s life…but for the men we love (sometimes the parents make pakialam too =) ) having 3 bags is actually excessive already.

Faye said...

get it na, Frances :) bagay syo :)

Beauty For A Living said...

Thanks! But I'll buy a MacBook Air muna haha

dontaskmetosmile said...

Go for it! Then again, I was never the person to discourage a girl from getting a handbag.

I love this bag. My mom just bought hers during our trip to Rome and it's lovely. It smells good, too! You should try to get it from Europe, if you have a friend who's going or relatives who are coming home. It comes out about 15% cheaper.

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

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