Tuesday, October 16, 2012

shu uemura + Karl Lagerfeld = FAB!

I love the new collection of shu uemura! It's a collaboration with famed designer Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, of Chanel fame. Which makes me wonder why he didn't work with Chanel's makeup instead! Well, Lagerfeld answered that question at the launch (via video, haha, he wasn't there personally!). He said that no other makeup brand has the amazing colors that shu uemura has.

That is true. My job as a magazine editor has exposed me to a lot of makeup but, yup, nothing beats the pigments of shu uemura. When it comes to color, get shu uemura. My eye shadows and blushes are shu uemura.

Anyway! Lagerfeld's line for shu is called the Mon Shu Uemura. It's French for My shu uemura. Lagerfeld's signature black tie and white shirt is worn by the Mon Shu Girl he sketched himself. It's so cute and quirky!

For a better idea on what the products look like (and their correct colors), here are the official product shots:
Two beauty icons! Karl Lagerfeld and shu uemura's premium cleansing oil!
Must have before makeup! UV underbase. 
Makeup palette
One of the shadow palettes.
The bestselling lash curler with the rubber pad in blazing red.
Need more lashes? Try these!
Red lipstick. It's all you really need actually. 
That is the most flattering shade of red polish!
Add nail art stickers for instant designer nails!

Fab fab fab! Okay, I turned the next photos black and white. A little tip to events organizers: Never ever use lights that are blue and pink and other colors. Never! It messes with people's skin tones. Everyone looked either 100% cyan or 100% magenta. Sorry, had to use print publishing terms.

And if it's a product launch—whether it's makeup or clothes—the colored lights mess up the products' real colors, too. That is not a good thing. For example, the makeup above. The eyeshadows look muddy.

So always mimic sunlight. Take my photo above, for example. I posed near a window. So I look normal. No blue tones on my skin. Blue tones give people a deathly pallor. Hence, the B&W pictures below. Everyone either looked like zombies (blue) or lobsters (red). Such a shame because everyone from shu uemura looked amazing!

This is the always chic Nina Solano. Happy birthday!
Super cute and stylish Karen Crisostomo. You met her here.
My friend, shu uemura makeup artist John Pagaduan, weaving his magic using the shu x Karl makeup.
John always makes me so beautiful (see proof here)!
Beauty bloggers cluster around John to learn his secrets.
The finished makeup on the models. Sorry, no colors! Really such a shame. The makeup was gorgeous.
But the cameras couldn't capture it because the lights washed out the colors.
The shu uemura Philippines team!

I super love shu uemura's new collection! Actually, I love anything shu. And so will you! The special shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Collection is available at shu uemura boutiques at Power Plant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Rustan's Makati, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma.

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