Thursday, December 24, 2009

GlutaMAX wants to see a happy new you!

GlutaMAX, that whitening product responsible for the amazing transformation of comedienne Jinky Oda, has an exciting contest and you have but seven days to try your luck! Just share your own transformation story and you can win a MacBook, a trip for two to Hong Kong, a Nokia 5000, an iPod and a Sony Cybershot T70!

Here's all you need to do:
1. You need to be a Nuffnang blogger aged at least 18 years old. (Not a Nuffnanger? Join now!)
2. Write a post showing two photos: a BEFORE and an AFTER of any transformation.
3. Describe the transformation (ex: "30 pounds lighter!", "new hippy me", "The power of a red lipstick!").
4. Title the entry, "The New Me"
5. Include a photo of yourself with any GlutaMAX product at the end of the entry, and the tagline "GlutaMAX, See the Results!"
6. E-mail the URL of your blog post with your full name, place of residence, and mobile number to
7. Submit before the deadline of December 31, 2009.

I'm not joining the contest but--just for fun!--here's a look at a before-and-after of me!

My dear friend Jennie of Kikay Corner uploaded some of her old photos on her Facebook profile. Problem is, some of those photos included me! Ack! Can't believe I looked like this before:

And here's what I look like now:

Wow, diba??? It's amazing what braces, a good skincare regimen, fantastic hairstyle and color (thanks Louis Phillip Kee!), about 10 extra pounds, and staying out of the sun have done to me!

Other than those mentioned, there's really no other secret to looking good than being happy. I'm serious. When you're happy, you think life is worth living. Then you start taking care of yourself more. That means eating, sleeping, living, and loving right. And when everything's in place, you're happy and glowing! You can't fake a happy glow, sweethearts!

While GlutaMAX is currently promising that same happy glow, I really believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and skin colors. And though I've used a whitening product only once before (after a summer spent swimming without sunblock!), I now know that the best skin tip really is this: STAY OUT OF THE SUN! I know that's hard to do especially in this tropical country but ever since I started using sunblock religiously and limited my beach trips to once every two or three years (not a big loss since I really don't like sand), my skin has really become better--no dryness, no wrinkles, no spots... just lovely soft skin. Yey!


BIANCA: said...

wow, nakakabilib naman! :) you were not ugly back then...but the "now" you looks drop-dead gorgeous!

BIANCA: said...

...and just long was it between the before and after photo?

Frances Amper Sales said...

Naks! Thanks, Bianca! The "After" photo was taken when I was 32 (just last July); the "Before" photo must've been around 2001, when I was 25. So that's 7 years... 7 years of slaving away in an office so no sun exposure!

The sun is really our skin's worst enemy. Dermatologists say that if you never expose your skin to the sun, you won't age at all. But we all know we need sunlight for Vitamin D! So limit sun exposure and always use sunscreen.

BIANCA: said...

wow! ur already 32! at least! i still have hope as i am now 25! :)

thanks for the inspiration!

Frances Amper Sales said...

Nope, I'm 33! Just stay out of the sun! =D

Shen said...

naku that photo was taken just right after siguro a vacay at the beach. :) seeing you in person, i wouldn't have thought na naging tanned/dark ka. :) you have such fab skin eh. :) i rely on a lot of whitening products just so i could get that light skin back again and just like you say, staying out of the sun. :) hehehe!

btw, i am fast becoming an OK! fan. its the first mag i grabbed this '10! love the who wore it better. :)

Frances Amper Sales said...

SHEN!!! Actually, I was commuting a lot at that time and talagang nakakaitim maghintay ng jeep, trike at bus! Plus, the pollution pa--malamang libag yan ahahaha

Oh, and super thanks for buying your copy of OK! Yey, so happy!