Thursday, December 3, 2009

Manila's most fashionable come out for an exhibition of Philippine couture

Summit Media, the publisher of my magazine OK! Philippines, had a grand ball last week to celebrate designer Salvacion Lim-Higgins, who revolutionized fashion design in the Philippines in the years after the Second World War.

Sister magazines Preview and Town & Country Philippines hosted the gala. I didn't go because OK! only covers Hollywood stars so there really was no point but because I was curious to see what local fashionistas wear on the red carpet, I checked out Style Bible for the coverage. Well, I was immensely delighted, a bit disappointed and even repulsed (very few, don't get excited)--but I was very entertained nevertheless! And because I'm an entertainment mag editor, I love being amused.

And again, because I am an entertainment magazine editor--not a fashion editor!--I won't criticize anyone's style. But here are the delightful dresses I adored (I arranged the ladies in alphabetical order):
Anne Curtis
She's wearing a Slim original and she looks divine.Anne really knows how to work it--everything about her is perfect. The hair, the makeup, the jewelry, the accessories.  A lot of the women that night messed up on one or two things; if their dress was fab, their hair was a joke or their makeup too thick or they brought the wrong bag or wore the wrong shoes. But Anne? Anne is perfection. What an amazing stylish woman!
Anne Gonzales
Ah, very on trend with the long-sleeved mini dresses so popular with Hollywood celebs. But this is more exquisite than anything I've seen on any Hollywood star! The beading is fantastic. I just don't know how to feel about that bag...

Carlyn Manning
That dress is seriously vintage. The cloth looks so rich and royal, and the big bow adds a sweet touch. It's beautiful and, on her, magical. I'm also loving the headband!

Heart Evangelista
Maybe she should've gone for something more dramatic--after all, she's an actress and she's beautiful but I do love those huge sleeves!

Kai Lim
I love the structure of the bodice. But it's a very simple dress that, if worn by a lesser being, would look like the uniform of an usherette or a stewardess. Thankfully, she pulls it off and with very minimal accessories to boot!

Rorie Carlos
Rorie, darling, when did you ever go wrong? I am totally in love with everything you're wearing--from the gorgeous dress with a full skirt and ballerina hem, the darling clutch and classic jewelry down to the lovely shoes! Yes, you always look perfect.

Sandra Gfeller
This simple column dress lengthens her frame and makes her look super thin but since it hugs her breasts lovingly, she doesn't look like a stick. The best part is it looks oh so comfortable.

Teresa Herrera
When they said you should only wear one trend, they never thought of Teresa. That's 4 trends she's wearing: asymmetrical, neutrals, draping and strong shoulder! Bravo!

I also liked a lot of other dresses. Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco Juan wore a stunning black-and-white gown that made her look very Jackie O but still look quintessentially Pauline. I know that last part won't make sense to those who don't see her around the office looking magnificent all the frikkin' time! Really. I don't know how they (Pauls, Rorie, Preview beauty editor-at-large Agoo Bengzon and OK! beauty columnist Nichole Reyes) can look so perfect every single day. I'm imagining it and I'm already exhausted! But to Pauline and Town &Country's editor-in-chief Monique Villonco, congratulations for a glamorous night that can rival (or even surpass!) any Hollywood has to offer! The SLIM Gala honestly looked like the Oscars! The event even made it to The Insider!

To see all the dresses, go to
To know more about Slim, read Ana Kalaw's Philippine Star article here.

*photos from Style Bible and Rajo Laurel's blog.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I absolutely love the dress that Anne Gonzales wore. It is amazing, simply breathtaking. I agree with you on her bag. It doesn't really go with the outfit.