Friday, September 7, 2012

I Do Nails (plus, a giveaway!)

I know I should be happy to announce this news but I'm actually sad. The good news is I Do Nails just opened its first ever nail salon at Eastwood Mall. Hooray! The bad news for lazy me is they don't do home service anymore.

I'm the laziest girl in the world when it comes to beauty rituals. My husband even has to put lotion on me (which I thoroughly enjoy tee hee!) because I just can't be bothered to do it myself. So I have loved loved loved I Do Nails because they go to my house and do my nails for me. I love I Do Nails but now I won't see them anymore ever because they will never ever go to my house and I go to Eastwood Mall maybe once every two years, and only because there's an occasion, like a family dinner or something.

Oh well.

So since I Do Nails gave me gift certificates worth P1,000 (and that can get one lucky reader lots of services!), I'm giving them away!!!

Just Tweet this:
I want to go to I Do Nails Salon! @FrancesASales is giving away GCs!

Or put this on your Facebook status (but you'll have to like my blog page first!):
I want to go to I Do Nails Salon! @TopazHorizon is giving away GCs!

The GCs expire on September 30. Yes, that's why we need to do this quick! So I'll pick a winner on Sunday and send the prize on Monday. Good luck!


1 comment:

JEN said...

Joining Ms. Frances! I hope I win! Just tweeted over twitter about your gab giveaway.