Monday, June 8, 2009

Lancome's Genifique is so good!

So today is the eighth day since I started using Lancome's latest anti-aging serum, Genifique and, as promised, here's my review. Genefique boasts that you'll "See visibly younger skin in 7 days." Now, I really look young for my 32 years (see photo below!) so I thought that if people start asking what college I go to, then Genifique works!

The serum activates our genes to promote the production of certain proteins that will make skin look young again. It's simple to use--just warm a few drops between your fingers then apply to freshly washed skin, then you can follow with your usual skincare regimen. Yes, you won't have to throw the stuff on your dresser! For the purpose of testing Genifique, I used it exclusively this week. I was promised the following results:
  • Vibrant with youth, skin looks like it's lit from within, breathtakingly radiant
  • Skin is cushiony soft, velvety to the touch
  • Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined
At the end of 7 days, here are the results I saw:

  • I still don't look "breathtakingly radiant."
  • My skin does feel ultra-softer and velvety smooth.
  • Skin tone is not "astonishingly even" but my pores have disappeared, my fine lines around the eyes reduced, and I look very dewy.
So far, so good! Read that last line again especially the part where the pores and lines vanish. Amazing!

The thing is I'm the only one who can see the changes since I'm the one staring at the mirror every day. When I ask people if I look younger, they just look at me strangely, so my skin is not "visibly younger" to anyone else but myself. Still, I've only been using Genifique for a week so I'm pretty excited to see how my skin will be after a month or so!

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P.S. I also apply the Genifique serum on my hands and my hands--which cook, clean, wash, scrub, and do household chores--already look super younger! Genefique is terrific!

Lancome Genifique will be available at Lancome Paris at Greenbelt 5, Makati, and at Rustan's for P6,195 (1 fl.oz. bottle). Yep, it's pricey so start saving for that bottle and reserve now!

The Beauty Writer


Roanne @ All the Vanity said...

Maybe they're just speechless, coz wow, you look sooo young with or without the product. I never thought you're 32 years old already, much to my surprise (at first, I thought you're in your early 20s)!

I like the idea that it minimizes pores and reduces fine lines. Btw, does it feel heavy on the skin? Or rather, does it overdry the skin? I actually tried it on my hands, so I can't say if it's as great as when applied on the face. xx

~tHiAmErE~ said...

good for you!

thanks for the awesome review!

i think i should really start saving for that...
you look so pretty

The Beauty Writer said...

Nope, the serum is so light, the skin absorbs it quickly and you feel absolutely nothing on your face--just freshness and dewiness! I love it! And you just need a few drops, so I hope this bottle lasts me a loooong time because I simply won't be able to afford it!

Roanne and Thiamere, thanks!

Jenny said...

omg! it's really expensive to buy the genifique in Manila. I thought it would be cheaper there. I live in the Netherlands. It's €87 in the Netherlands, $78 in the USA and £53 in the UK. I was already complaining with the price in NL since it's always cheaper to buy things in US.

But thanks for the review... i know enough if i should invest on this item.