Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thinning hair? Phyto Trichovital to the rescue!

This post is for the man in your life.

Last month, Rustan's Essences sent over Phyto Trichovital for Thinning Hair Exclusively for Men to my darling hubby. The set includes an Energizing Shampoo and an Intense Restorative Hair Treatment spray. The products promised notable hair growth in three months. The hubby got a little upset: "I'm not bald!" He's not, but his hairline had begun to recede and his hair to thin, due to, I most certainly believe, the terrible stress he endures at work. So I said, "Can I take them home and read the literature first?"

As he watched TV or played video games, I read aloud the leaflets in the box and the consumer reviews on the Internet. "This stuff really works! This guy said his hair became thicker in just a month!"
So the hubby finally agreed to give it a try. Every other day, he'd use the shampoo and, after towel-drying his hair, I'd spray the treament onto his scalp and massage his scalp for 5 minutes. It was fun doing this, by the way, since it almost always led to...

Anyway! Though Phyto promised results in 3 months, we've already noticed very good changes after just one month. The hubby is now dandruff-free and tons of baby hair are growing--you can hardly see his scalp now. If the line has any cons, it's just that (1) it smells kinda herbal/medicinal but it's very faint, and (2) his hair is now growing faster so he'll need to visit the barber soon and more frequently. So, it's all still good!

We're very happy with the results! We can't wait to see what his hair will look like 2 months from now.

Phyto Trichovital for Thinning Hair Exclusively for Men is available at Rustan's Essenses and Univers Phyto Salon. I don't know how much the set costs but I do know it's expensive. I'll update this post within the week with the prices.

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

how cool!
my bro's hair is also thinning i think this one would be a good product for him to try..

how much is this,sis?

DaisyChain said...

wow, I'd be interested to see before and afters when the three months are up

ApplesH said...

I wonder why its exclusively for men? Women have thinning hair too. Hehe like me. I wonder if there is something in the formulation that works for men and not for women. Hmm.