Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trying Murad Professional Scalp Treatment

I was quite heartened by my hubby's successful experience with his hair. As some of you who follow my personal blog may know, I'm a hair color addict. I've been dyeing my hair different colors since I was 18. So now my hair is pretty thin (yikes!) and I was given Murad's Professional Scalp Treatment for Color-Treated and Thinning Hair to repair and heal my battered scalp.

It's a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment serum. The set is easy enough to use--shampoo, condition and treat daily. I'm a dirty hair kinda girl, however. While I love showers, I usually let my hair go unwashed for a day or two since it's easier to style then. Well, now I wash my hair every day and so it's just fluffy and annoying.

I've only used this set for two weeks so I can't say if it works. So far though, whenever I tell my beauty editor friends I'm using Murad for thinning hair, they all say, "Better use Phyto. It's the best." Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to give Murad a try!

UPDATE: I've stopped using this. Been having daily headaches and dizziness--my hubby even asks me if I'm pregnant. I didn't think Murad had anything to do with this (I always blame work or family stress) until I read this review on Amazon. Yikes!

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Roanne @ All the Vanity said...

Oh, that's scary! I wonder why does it cause such serious side-effects for a topical solution like that. :(

Glamorouxx said...

From who did you get this kit?

aichaku-愛着 said...

oh gosh! that's not good!! i wonder what ingredients the treatments cause these side effects? good thing you saw the review and have stopped using it.