Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Sunsilk Co-Creator we like!

I'm sure you've already seen the new Sunsilk Co-Creations commercials on TV. If you haven't, here it is:

The new line, pushed by Sunsilk as their "best ever!", is the proud result of Sunsilk's collaboration with seven of the world's best hair experts. Two of them, Teddy Charles from Paris and Yuko Yamashita from Tokyo, were here in Manila for the Co-Creations launch recently and I was able to meet them.

OK!'s beauty team Nicole Delos Angeles and Nichole Mercado and managing editor Lana Chan were also there and, while we found image model Sarah Geronimo's hair to be absolutely smooth and silky and the model herself gorgeous, we all found ourselves swooning over the very tall and very blond Teddy Charles. 

Teddy has styled the hair of models and A-list celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Hayden Panettiere. Here he is, touching up lucky Sarah's looooong hair. He says, "To  this day, long and abundant hair continues to be the timeless symbol of feminine beauty. Most Filipino women want longer hair, and the key is to nourish it so it remains stronger as it grows longer." 

Sarah's long and abundant hair definitely suits her! Anyway, for his collaboration with Sunsilk, Teddy created Strong & Long and Straight & Sway. He's very happy with his products: "Finally, I have the opportunity, by co-creating with Sunsilk, to co-develop products that give girls across the world access to the secret of beautiful hair, day in, day out."

Just look at that smile on Sarah's face! I swear I'd be smiling that way, too, if I had someone like Teddy styling my hair. My gas, he looks like Henry Cavill!

Look at Sarah's hair! Stick-straight but with body, shiny but not oily! In the car, after the event, we girls were talking about--hypothetically, of course!--if we'd marry a hairstylist. Nic and Nikki were very much for the idea since "you'll have fabulous hair every single day!" True, true!

Vince, darling, can I interest you in some hairdressing classes?

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