Thursday, February 3, 2011

Event: Meeting Pond's Gold image model Tweetie de Leon

The Pond's Gold line includes a cleansing mouse, a cleansing foam,
a day cream, a night repair cream, an eye cream and a serum.
Had a lovely lunch the other day. Hosted by Unilever, the lunch was at the luxurious Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-la, in a private room decked in golden touches. Along with other editors, I had an intimate lunch with Pond's Gold image model Tweetie de Leon.

This is her first endorsement of a beauty brand in a long, long time. She told us that she tested Pond's Gold for a couple of months and when she saw the fab results, only then did she agree to sign up as its endorser. I guess she really believes in this anti-aging line! Well, I saw the results up close since I sat right beside her. Tweetie is drop-dead gorgeous and she only had eye makeup on!

Tweetie said that she uses all the products in the line but that her favorites are the cleanser and the serum. She confessed that she's actually very lazy with skincare, hence she quickly found what works best--cleaning and treatment!
Unilever's Jacque Yuengtian (right) said, "No matter
how we try, when we pose beside Tweetie, we just
can't look that good!" I agree, Jacque, but only for me.
You look smashing as always =)
She also revealed that beauty is all about having a beautiful life. If your life is happy, your relationships are great and your body is healthy, it will really show on your skin. So yes, she recommended Pond's Gold as a skincare regime, but she also encouraged us to live happy, healthy and full lives so that our beauty will shine through to everybody!

Pond's Gold gave me a beautiful golden box with the day cream, night cream and serum. I'll just finish testing this other skincare line and then I'll start with Pond's Gold. Watch this space for my review!

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