Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love Louis Phillip Kee Salon

I've been having my hair cared for, cut and colored by Louis Phillip Kee since 2006. There was a rumor that was going around that if Louis touched your hair, you'd be engaged/married within a year. That wasn't going to happen to me, I thought, since Vince and I--together then for 7 years--had no plans to marry. So I went to Louis in March 2006. That December, Vince and I were engaged and we were married on April 2007!

I should've made Louis ninong at our wedding!

Anyway, the last time I had my hair colored was October 2009. One month later, I was pregnant and my OBG and hubby absolutely forbid me to have my hair colored. I vowed, "First thing I'll do after I give birth is go to Louis!" That didn't happen, though. I was just so overwhelmed with new motherhood to even brush my hair!

But last month, I finally decided to drag my frumpy-mom ass to Louis's salon at Bonifacio Global City. And I am oh so glad I finally did!
Professor Snape? Is dat chu?
All over hair color is applied first. Brows are died to match.
Since I'm breastfeeding, the gentle INOA color is used.
Highlights are then applied.
Here I am baking!
Louis and his famous precision cutting.
Mia! She's the best.... everything!
Et voila!
I look like a woman again. I feel like a gorgeous wife and mommy! Thanks, Louis!

To book an appointment at Louis Phillip Kee Salons, click here.


Askmewhats said...

Love both the color and the layers! Speaking of haircut, I need to reshape my hair soon na!!!! :) Can't wait to see you!!!

Dea said...

I have never ever colored my hair because I'm scared, but I've always wanted to. It's in my bucket list, haha! I'll make sure to go to your hairstylist when I finally get the guts.

You know what, maybe I should go sooner... I'll be married this October, but no rock on my finger yet. :P Makapunta nga!

roxy said...

i'm afraid to try pricey salons since i might have to whip out the emergency credit card just to pay for cut+color. if you don't mind me asking, how much did your trip cost? i'm thinking of treating myself for my bday ☺ thanks!

Beauty For A Living said...

AMW! Thanks and I miss you too! =)

Dea, remember it's just hair. It's already dead! A bad cut? It will grow back! A bad color? It can be fixed! But with Louis, you'll always have fab color =)

Roxy, you can call the salon =) Depende yan sa hair thickness and length kasi.

Niña said...

you look fab! and natawa ako dun sa professor snape pic. :D

Beauty For A Living said...

Thanks, Nina! =)