Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm back! And here are my blog resolutions!

Of my three blogs, this beauty blog is the hardest to update. It should be the easiest because I get so many beauty products! But here are my reasons for not updating as often as I should:

1. I get too many products. I only have one face and one body!
2. I tried giving the products to other people to review. They didn't write the reviews. Or by the time they did, there was a new collection/improved product out.
3. I didn't really want a press release-y blog. And of course, the products came with lengthy press releases!
4. At the events I attended, I didn't look too nice. Haha!  

So I'll make new changes in this blog. From now on, you'll know from the title if the post is an event, a press release or a review. I'll try to minimize the PRs and do more reviews (good luck to me!).

See you around!



Jenn said...

Wow, you finally updated this blog! I've been checking every now and then.

Re products, you can always *ehem* put up contests for wide-eyed readers like me. Or sell them like before. Hehe

Katrina Villareal said...

Looking forward to the blog updates! :)

Beauty For A Living said...

Jenn, I only sold the products to raise money for a cancer-stricken boy, which the brands knew about. I don't think the brands will appreciate it if I sell the stuff they send me for personal profit!

Issa said...

hi, maybe you can put up contests...i'd like to join and get a free product, hehehe...

wandergirL* said...

Contests! Or you can give them away! I'd be one of the happy readers if that happens! Hehehe. :D