Monday, April 4, 2011

Hollywood loves TOMS. Love TOMS, too!

Hi! I'm back! This blog is soooo hard to update because there's just so much happening in the fashion and beauty world that I can't keep up!

But I am back just to invite you to the TOMS One Day Without Shoes event tomorrow at Trinoma Open Gardens at 6pm. Each TOMS pair you buy means a child in a developing country gets a pair, too. How cool is that!

In case you still aren't convinced that TOMS is cool, let the most stylish young stars of Hollywood be my Exhibit B:
Anna Kendrick
Anne Hathaway
Kristen Stewart
Mila Kunis
Scarlett Johansson

TOMS shoes are available at Nothing But Water, Swim, Trilogy Boutique and selected Show Salon outlets. You can also like their Facebook page. If you want to see kiddie TOMS (after all, they do give shoes to kids), click here for the TINY TOMS collection I adore.

*click celebrities' names for image sources and for more celeb fans of TOMS.

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