Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I want from Forever 21 Makati

In case you still didn't know, Forever 21 opened their second store in SM Makati last Thursday. As with the one in Megamall, this store is huge!

I got to the VIP launch early enough but the lines at the registration table were already long. But Jane Kingsu-Cheng came to our rescue, handing out special passes. Whew. I don't like lining up in heels! Thanks, Jane!
Sexy momma Jane is the one in shorts!

Anyway, this is me, looking exhausted already (find out why here). So I had no energy to scour the immense store, line up at the fitting room and cashier, unlike the last time at Megamall. And back then, my friends lined up for me because I was heavily pregnant!

But I did look around enough to spot some treasures! Here's what I'd love to have from Forever 21:
a pale apricot sheer blouse
cute striped mini dress
a creamy gray cardigan
striped satchel. Aldo has one, too.
adorable rose coin purse
cutie sexy underthings!

Forever 21 Makati is at SM Makati's ground floor. You can also get a Forever 21 BDO credit card for some serious fun fashion shopping!


mav said...

I went yesterday and found a nice leopard printed shoes but the line at the cashier counter is just insane! I'll just go back next week maybe haha!

Michelle said...

That satchel is heaven!! Want. it!