Tuesday, April 5, 2011

shu uemura's Imagine event was a night of art, beauty and fab color!

Japanese beauty brand shu uemura recently collaborated with some of Manila's acclaimed artists to interpret shu uemura's passion for beauty. The artists were Lotho Lotho, Jujin Samonte, Jo-Anne Bitagcol and Camille Co.

I honestly didn't get to see these creations of theirs because the place was quite dark. I was also preoccupied with shu's fab collections (the false lashes! the cleansing oil! the gorgeous makeup!) and saying hi to the guests, some of which are friends that I haven't seen since getting pregnant in '09!

Yup, it felt like all of Manila's hip and hot were there. Here are just a few of the beautiful people at the beautiful exhibit of Shu Uemura's Imagine event!
shu uemura's John Pagaduan and Nina Solano
Tessa Valdes and Alyanna Martinez
Tim Yap and Tessa
Miriam Quiambao
Nina and Tessa with Bianca Gonzales and L'Oreal Phils managing director Luc-Olivier Marquet
JR Isaac and me (nope, I'm not preggy!)
Summit Media girls. I'm there somewhere!

I have a funny story about that night. It was my first time at Robot, where the event was held. Now, I do not have a night life. Even when I was teen, even when I was in college, even when I was working, even when I got married, and most especially now that I have a baby. So I do not know what the hip and cool bars of the city are. Robot is apparently the coolest place in Makati now.
But I didn't know that. So when I saw Robot plastered all over with shu uemura's logo and products, I exclaimed to makeup artist John Pagaduan, "OMG! Is this your new office?" And he looked at me in shock before he laughed and laughed and laughed. Poor me!

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