Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How I whitened my underarms with Pond's Flawless White and Dove Whitening Deo

I have finally found the best whitening products for my underarms! Pond's Flawless White and Dove Whitening Deodorant!

But first, a little history. I got pregnant twice in the last 2 years. Okay, maybe 3, if you count 2009. But since I got pregnant December of 2009, I guess it doesn't count! Anyway, the pregnancies have resulted to discoloration of my underarms. Yes, they've become really, really dark. By my second pregnancy, I was deeply dismayed because my armpits were almost nearly black. Black, dammit!

I've tried this and that (I won't say what failed!) and then I remembered that I have Pond's Flawless White creams from the event I attended last February. The Flawless White line is for the face—it's for lightening acne scars, fading sun spots and evening out skin. It promises to whiten from the cellular level so that your skin whitens naturally. Since my face is already fair, I didn't use my free jars (the Pond's Gold line is what I already use). But when I realized there are parts of me that desperately needed whitening, I remembered I had Pond's Flawless White!

It's the Day Cream. I love the soft texture. It almost feels like whipped cream. I did hear that the Night Cream is far more potent. Oooh! I'll use that when I finish this jar!

I used the Flawless White Day Cream on my armpits every morning and night and after a week (yes, a week!), I noticed a change. I got really excited! My only problem with my new find is that when I use it in the morning and I get sweaty during the day (and of course, I'm a mommy with a toddler and a newborn!), my underarms get really slippery. Yes, cream and sweat combined!

So I stopped using the cream in the morning and just slathered it on at bedtime. It still worked. My underarms lightened and softened week after week.

Then I found a fab solution to the morning ritual: I was watching TV one time and I saw the Dove Whitening Deodorant Spray TVC. It promised to whiten underarms in just 7 days. Well! It did! Yes, I got two canisters, Original and Silk Dry. That's how much I believed in the promise of Dove!

I'm currently using the Original variant and I love the scent, the quick spray action and the whitening power, of course! My one suggestion to those who'll use Dove is don't spray too much and really aim at your underarm. If you aimed at your face (yes, it happened), you can get overwhelmed by the spray and cough cough cough.

My armpits really did whiten faster with Pond's Flawless White and Dove Whitening Deo. My underarms are not just whiter, they're softer and smoother, too! Happiness!


Vera said...

Yay to smoother underarms care of Dove whitening deo! Good tip about Pond's, ma-try nga :)

"Jelly" said...

this is a new use for whitening creams^^

i should give it a try for my elbows...

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i used to use Dove deo stick before. i don't know if my body is weird but i find that when something is for lightening the skin it doesn't have the desired effect on me. often times pa nga it's the cause of darker skin...ekkk!
i only use the original one & it did lighten my UA but i stopped using it because it doesn't do anything when i get extra sweaty from too much activities e.i hate hate having BO.

actually, when i have a face product that i know is already nearing the expiration date, i stop using it on my face & just rub it on any part of my body. if it has a lightening effect i just put it on my knees or elbows & the likes.
even face masks! i use it on my feet!hahaha
sayang kasi e

Anonymous said...

Hi frances! This post is very interesting.. Im shy to ask, but im eager to know if i can use the ponds flawless white cream on "lower part" area? I hope you get what i mean.. Hehehe :) -yel

Hana said...

Hi Frances! Great suggestion! Bought the Dove Whitening Deodorant in stick form and Pond's Flawless White Night Cream. However, I found out that I like using the night cream on my face instead of my underarms hehehe...Works wonders on my skin. To compensate, I bought the facial wash and have been using it to wash my underarms. In just a few weeks, I've already seen a big difference. :D Thanks again for suggesting this! Now I'll be prepared for my Boracay Trip in November. :D