Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tod's presents its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection

Well, you all know how I'm dying to own a Tod's D Bag, right? So when Tod's invited me to their intimate soiree to launch their A/W 2012 collection a couple of weeks ago, I threw on a Missoni knit dress, lifted my then 2-month-old baby boy (he turned 3 months old yesterday!) in my arms and went to the Manila Peninsula Suite to view Tod's latest!
Here I am with Good Housekeeping's fashion and beauty editor, Pia Rojas. I am loving the blue of her nails! And we are both loving Tod's Signature Collection!
The Signature Collection features the distinctive Gommino pattern that is found on the soles of the driving shoes of Tod's. I like the texture. I am particularly liking that texture on the soft leather of these totes.

Here's another view. Can't decide which is prettier--the purple or the pink.

Here is the Medium Tote and the Clutch. That blue looks much better in person. But I'm not a blue bag person. So I'm still thinking about the purple and pink!

Woah! And then you have these wild girls! Not only are they in loud colors and trimmed in luxe fur, they're also in sumptuous suede. Yum yum. These babies should star in their own ad campaign.

Signature Collection still, but accessories, like this iPad 2 case. I love that orange!

Well, hello there, D Bag! I see you've got a makeover, too. Is that fur trim? In orange, no less! Hmmm. I should've taken a photo of the bag beside it! It looks pink and trimmed in white. Very sweet and sexy!

These are big bags. Perfect for travel or as carry-on luggage. But the leather is so luxurious, I wouldn't put it in the overhead compartment. Ya, I'm not that rich yet that I can throw my bags just anywhere! Anyway, these beauties can fit enough stuff for a weekend or, if you're not a light packer, for an overnight stay.

Ooh, small D bags in teal and fuchsia! This is the zippered-pockets kind. Very nice handbag but I'm really gunning for the D-Styling Medium one. Although I love that pink!

And they have matching suede booties, too!

As you can see, teal and fuchsia, together with orange, are the colors of the A/W collection. Those shoulder bags also feature a signature Tod's element--the key lock.

More accessories in yummy soft leather and colors. There's actually a lot more in the A/W collection but I had a baby with me so I wasn't able to take a lot of photos. But I'll definitely browse the line at the Greenbelt 4 boutique as soon as I can!

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