Friday, August 31, 2012

Books before boys! Love these nerdy chic Kate Spade bags!

This here used to be my uniform: romantic blouses or soft tees, skinny jeans, heels and a book. I always  used to walk around with a book!

But now that I'm a magazine editor and a mommy, I scurry about everywhere with a large carryall filled with magazines, press kits, date book, phones, diapers, wet wipes, milk and toys. I do, however, always stash a small purse inside my big tote. This purse I bring to meetings and events so that I won't look like I brought my entire house with me.

After seeing these clever clutches from Kate Spade, I think I'm going to ditch the purse and grab me some book clutches! They are so nerdy, adorable and so cool!

Other designs are just as fabulous.

Much as I love the "covers" of the Austen clutches, I've never read her. I'm not her market. I like Dickens, Fitzgerald and Shakespeare, of course, so everything else in Kate Spade's library of clutches, I have read and loved... and want to own!

Each clutch is US$325. That's P13,600++. Whew. That's a lot for a small bag! Just imagine how many real books I can buy with that money. Kate Spade, I hope you go on sale soon!

*images grabbed from Kate Spade online shop


Teeyah. said...

Hayyyyy! Been seeing this at The Everygirl and sobrang adorable lang! I love the Emma clutch but yes, too much for a small bag! :( But grabe lang. So nice!

lucy said...

Wow, love these book clutches! Do you know if they stock them anywhere in the UK? Thanks! Lucy