Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovin' Lanvin

I'm one of those women who have a signature fragrance. So while I appreciate the dozens of perfumes I get to review for OK! magazine, my heart belongs to one and only one fragrance: Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege eau de parfum.
I've been using Eclat d'Arpege since 2003. It is the only perfume that smells good on me! My skin is weird because it really changes the scent. When I was on the quest to find my perfume, I discovered to my utter distress that some fragrances are horrific once I spray them on (i.e. on my skin, Clinique Happy smells like pee).

Eclat D'Arpege, however, was a revelation. After visiting countless perfume counters for a year, I finally found The One. I love everything about Eclat d'Arpege--from the Art Deco bottle to the pale lilac tinge. And let me explain why I love its smell so much. Eclat d'Arpege has head notes of Sicilian lemon leaves and green lilac; heart notes of wisteria blossom, green tea leaves, peach blossom, red peony and osmanthus of China; and base notes of white cedar of Lebanon, sweet musks and precious amber. That's not the reason I love the smell, though!

While the ingredients are all flowery, on my skin, it's remarkably different! At first, my skin smells floral but light and oh so beautifully elegant. But as my skin warms the scent, the fragrance turns to a yummy chocolate. It's divine. And the best thing is it smells like chocolate on me and me alone--everyone else who tried it didn't have the same delicious result!

Now, when Luxasia's JP Paglinawan found out I am loyal to Lanvin, guess what I found on my desk? The brand's latest limited edition scent (thanks, JP!)!
The limited edition is flamboyant with its saffron-tinged liquid and decorative orange tassle--and if you've been following my personal blog, you'd know I love orange. According to the description, the scent is a happy melody of floral and citrus--pink grapefruit, tangy mandarin, bergamot, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, peach, cedar, amber and musk. This is definitely stronger and heavier than my usual Eclat D'Arpege.

On my skin, however, no citrus happened--my skin transformed this limited edition perfume to a light powdery fragrance, reminiscent of baby girls, creamy milk and pink ribbons on a cloudless summer day. Very strange but very nice! I love it!

Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege and its limited edition variant are available at select department stores.


Gel said...

i can't wait to smell that limited edition eclat! i had the lilac one too, but i quickly used it up! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lol on you smelling like pee with clinique happy

at least you found your 'hg' perfume

daisychain said...

just one of the reasons I covet your job ;)

teeyah. said...

I'd love to smell this one! It sounds exactly like my ideal perfume -- citrus notes. :D My signature perfume is Burberry Brit Sheer and I'm the only person who likes it. It sounds like a fruit salad when you hear the components. Glad to discover this about you and LOL, too on Clinique Happy smelling like pee on you :D

Nina said...

Not much of a perfume person but I do like the sound of this! I just found out that Cristine Reyes also uses your signature perfume. Haha. ;)


can i just say that this is the most beautiful smelling perfume i've come across in my life. in fact, it's also my staple perfume. i've finally found my second HG perfume (davidoff's cool water for women will always be my first love).

i'm intrigued about that chocolate smelling thingy that it turns to on your skin. but on me, it just smells so fresh,pretty and young. the smell is like a flower field under a warm sunshine. at first, it's so similar to d&g light blue, but it turns better. i guess it just turns into a light- smelling floral scent that's so good, as opposed to d&g's strong acidic scent.

i just dig this perfume so much! i want to repurchase after i'm done with my j.lo perfume. :)

btw, i'm your sister, jackie's friend. she told me that you're into beauty blogging, and so am i.

hope to see you in my site!

ciao! :)

tessa said...

you have the BEST job, reviewing designer perfumes! i love fragrances, i have over a dozen on my vanity right now! that's nothing compared to my obsessed friend who has over 50, though...

to me, eclat's topnotes are a dead ringer for d&g light blue; it's not until the drydown am i able to distinguish one from the other. now that you mentioned its LE somehow smells like baby powder on you, i MUST try it. i have a thing for smells with powder tinge to them, which is why i am attracted to Love Chloe, Prada Infusion d'Iris and Lacoste Pour Femme. i have been trying to find a kind of baby powder smell, but that is harder than i thought. i almost had the chance to buy the LE Eclat online, but decided not to because i don't like blind purchases and just reading its components discourages me (i'm not fond of citrus smells). after reading this, i think i might give it a shot...

and yes, clinique happy also smells weird on me.

Beauty For A Living said...

Tessa, wow. You really love perfume! Maybe I should get you to do our perfume stories!

tessa said...

i am actually NOT a very reliable fragrance reviewer. i tend to get biased towards packaging sometimes haha

but i was just thinking a few days ago about having a "signature scent". that's very difficult for me because i love changing fragrances everyday, depending on my mood and the weather. and there are some smells that i reeeeally like one time in my life, then i realize years later that i dislike (lacoste inspiration and ck euphoria blossom is that to me).

today, i used your signature scent, eclat d'arpege :) this is one of the scents i receive the most compliments on (along with chloe edp, lacoste pour femme and marc jacobs daisy).

sorry, my comments are so long. i just love fragrances and talking about them!