Friday, September 4, 2009

Mixed feelings about Park Jun Salon

When I said I'll never go to another salon again for cut and color, I did mean it. So when I was invited to have a Kerastase treatment at Park Jun salon, of course I said yes.

Park Jun is a huge Korean chain of salons all over the world. This year, a Manila branch finally opened at Glorietta 3. The salon is fantastic--spacious, the decor is cutting-edge, the gadgets they use are out of this world, the service lovely. The shampoo chairs are amazing--they mold themselves to your body!

Anyway, I was so happy with everything (especially my Kerastase treatment!) that when my stylist, the adorable Jinny Kim, said I needed a cut and color and she would like to style my hair, I said... yes.

Now, you have to understand something about me: I always agree to whatever the stylist says. I believe the stylist--with his/her years of training--knows more about what would look good on me than I, a mere writer, would. This explains why my husband is no longer shocked when I come home with bleached hair, orange hair, assymetric hair, et al. And I never cry about my hair--whatever its incarnation--because it's just hair. It'll grow back. That's one of the things the hubby loves about me--I am not vain. Yes, believe it or not and despite this beauty blog, I really don't care what I look like!

I am a journalist, however, so I'd always say yes whenever a new treatment, product, service is offered to me. It is my duty to report! I've come home burned, bloated, fried, electrocuted (yes! I thought I was going to die!), injected... for the sake of honest reportage. The husband is the one who gets angry. Me? I just shrug, write about it and forget.

So... back to Park Jun salon. I liked it! But this is what my haircut looks like:
What do you think? Everyone says the following:
  • "Where did you get that... thing done?"
  • "You look ugly."
  • "That is not your look, nuh-uh."
  • "Don't worry, it'll grow out."
  • "It's... okay."
  • "Eww! What happened to your hair?"
And I never even asked for their opinion! Because, like I said, I forget what I look like! (For the record, my hubby said, "Oh, it's not so bad!") Oh well. It's just hair. Don't feel bad for me--I never get offended. Besides, it will grow back. In fact, that Park Jun cut was done 2 weeks ago. My hair already looks different now because my hair grows really fast:

Photo taken the other night at Gap 1969 Premium Jeans launch

So that's my review. Up to you now if you want to go there or not. My friends who went to Park Jun all loved it there... but they didn't get a haircut; they did the famous Blow Dry Perm. Actually, I had a good experience, too, except that everyone else thinks I should sue.

Park Jun Salon
Ground Level, Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel nos. 819-3001/3002


Anonymous said...

"That is not your look, nuh-uh." ;)

Nina said...

Wow, your hair does grow fast! I think the bangs didn't do anything for you at all. Good thing you're not one to cry over your hair!

teeyah. said...

I do write for a living, too. I can relate with what you said about honesty in reportage. But I've never gotten home electrocuted! Haha. You have the richest experiences, Frances :)

The Beauty Writer said...

TaniV! Haha, yes, it is not my look!

Nina, ya, that's why I'm not scared to have stuff done to it. It grows about an inch or two a month. So short cuts are expensive on me since, if I want to maintain it, I have to have a trim every week!

I didn't like being electrocuted at all, Teeyah =( It was supposed to make cellulite disappear after 12 sessions. After the first one, I never went back!

teeyah. said...

Oh! You got electrocuted and didn't get the results you wanted? OMG, they should be sued! :/

Roanne @ All the Vanity said...

I'm also like that--always dependent on the stylist's opinion coz I felt like theirs are far better than mine. Let's just say I have no sense of hairstyling, and I let my hair be no matter how unkempt it is! :( But, this just remind me of, well, somewhat sticking to my opinion if the stylist goes wayward in the weirdest, not-so-good way.

Good thing your hair grows back so fast! Your look is a lot better now!

Kaye said...

I get my hair cut at Tony and Jackey. Haven't tried Park Jun, probably won't now hehe. I'm so dependent on my hairdresser; I just go along with whatever he proposes.

elapot said...

imho, the hair looks great on you. it's a different style but it suits you well. pero oo nga bat ambiles humaba ng buhok mo?