Friday, May 14, 2010

So looking forward to the new NARS eye shadow base!

The fabulous ladies of Visions & Expressions and Shey Mazon of Rustan's invited me to a little beauty launch of something very big: the NARS 2010 Summer Collection! Now I'm a NARS user (For blush, I only use Orgasm--it's perfection!) so obviously I had to go. I was so excited that I forgot to bring my camera! So I'l have to use the press images but there was a part in the demonstration that was really unbelievably amazing and I wasn't able to take a shot to show you! Am I annoyed with myself? YES!

Anyway, Rustan's flew in NARS makeup artist Michael Hanz. He is so adorable with really fluttery eyelashes. And he's such a girlfriend! The first time he met us editors and he made us feel like we've been friends for life. So, anyway! I asked him who his favorite Hollywood clients are and he said quite bluntly, "Emily Blunt." He also added that Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan of the Multiples line, Serena Williams and Beyonce love everything, and Kim Kardashian uses Turkish Delight gloss.  

Now, while we all oohed and ahhed over the many new products (like the Orgasm Illuminator, Pure Sheer Lip Treatment, etc), what really had me AMAZED was this little tube:

Behold, the PRO-PRIME Smudge-Proof Eye Shadow Base! Michael said it best: "This won't make you breakfast but it will change the world!" And when he showed us just how, I became a believer.

Unfortunately for us ladies, I was a very bad blogger and forgot my camera!!! What Michael basically did was he patted some blue-green eye shadow on the back of his hand. Great color, but basically what we expect eye shadow to look like. Then he swiped just a little bit of the base beside it, then applied that same shadow over the base and... shining, shimmering, splendid!!! The eye shadow took on dimension, refracted light, intensified and transformed into this glorious stunning color!

I can't believe I didn't bring my camera!!! This, my friends, will make your eye shadow palettes come to life! I haven't felt this excited about a beauty product since... well, since NARS Orgasm blush! The base, of course, serves as a prep for applying shadow--meaning it keeps eye shadow in place and prevents creasing. And also makes your eye shadow unbelievably fabulous!

I can't wait for this base to hit the shelves! Yep, it's not available here yet. Should come out in Rustan's Essences by June. And when it does, I am so there!!!

*price to follow


Dea said...

I've been using NARS Orgasm blush for the last 3 years, I love it! But when my current pan runs out I want to try the the Multiple naman. (And see for myself if Multiple Orgasm is better than just the Orgasm, hehe!)

Do you have an idea how much this primer costs? Buti na lang hindi pa ako nakakapag-order ng Urban Decay Primer Potion. I'll compare the price muna with the NARS one, baka masyadong mahal yung NARS for me.

Shen said...

you've accomplished makeing me lem for this!! I want!! :D must.have.this.

(calling rustans to pre-reserve... oh wait its 3am)

iamsutil said...

i;ll be watching out for this one, yahoo!