Monday, May 3, 2010

Johnson's & Johnson's and Bayo: Show off soft skin!

Okay, picture-heavy post up ahead!
Recently, I was invited to the fashion and beauty collaboration of Johnson's & Johnson's Body, Bayo and Preview. Bayo was tasked to create clothes to show off lovely skin--courtesy of J&J, of course!--to be debuted in Preview and to be sold to the public this summer. I got two invitations, as a magazine editor and as a Nuffnang blogger (photo above stolen from Nuffnang!), which makes it hard now for me when I'm at the registration table since I want to register as both... but I always register as media; it is, after all, my job!

Me and Lee Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction

Anyway, the point of the entire collaboration is to tell us ladies that our clothes look so much better against beautiful skin and our skin looks so much better in beautiful clothes. To help you achieve this, Bayo will have their Soft Look dresses available at all their branches now till June 15. Each purchase of a Soft Look dress gets you a free bottle of J&J Body lotion (there are three kinds--for whitening, moisturizing and relaxation).

So, without further ado, here are some of the clothes from the Soft Look Collection:
Love the lace and soft fabrics--very romantic and feminine! They're all pretty... but a little too short, eh? I asked the Bayo people if the dresses (I especially liked the babydoll eyelet dress) will be lengthened for RTW but I was told that the length I saw on the models will be the length we'll see in the shops. Okay, ladies, those are awfully short dresses so you better start exercising and dieting because your skin may be super soft but if it's riddled with cellulite, there is no way you can wear these dresses!  

(Note: Better photos of the dresses at

Anyway, here are some of the ladies who attended:
StyleBible's Isha Andaya and Preview's Pauline Suaco Juan

Preview's Lyca Puno looking so lovely
in this romantic dress and pearls

Bloggers Lace Llanora of Style and Relax, Jennie Legaspi-Aspacio
of Kikay Corner,Earth Rullan of Earthling Gorgeous and
Shen all came armed with cameras.

Gorgeous mommy, marketing manager, fashion and beauty columnist,
and Style Kit blogger Jane Kingsu-Cheng. Jane,
how do you have and do it all?!

Ack, this post took me forever to do! Resizing, cropping and color-correcting pics, writing and looking for the right links! Anyway, before I go, do check out J&J Body's Facebook page. They have a nice collection of The Sartorialist-type pics of real girls' style. Love it! Just goes to show that Pinays are very very stylish!

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Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Aww... thanks for the kind words, F! I'm still adjusting to all the duties I have to fulfill :o You're also a wonder woman yourself ;) Idol!
I'm sure you'll be a great mom. Just send me a message anytime for anything! We working moms have to stick together hihi...