Friday, May 21, 2010

What I want from Kate Spade

Aha, been gone again! I promised a Shiseido makeup giveaway and I already have the products (ack, whoever wins the prize is oh so lucky!) but I haven't had the time to take photos. I'm the laziest girl in the world really!

Anyway, I've been busy gathering beauty and fashion tidbits for you. And I found some things today in the mall that I wish I had in my closet instead. Totally loving these classic beauties from Kate Spade!

Eaton Square Maryanne Bag
Because I'm a girl and I love bags! Actually, I've noticed that a lot of my things are gray, black and white now. I wonder why this has happened and I don't recall when that happened because I've always been such a colorful girl. I'm changing! But I'm still stylish, folks!

Ivana Shoe
I normally don't wear sandals. I'm very much a high heels person, but because of my pregnancy, my feet are growing, growing, growing and all my shoes don't fit anymore. So sandals are now perfect because my toes won't get scrunched. Oh, and there's the safety issue, of course! So I'm super wanting these flats. Look at those pearls and that sweet little black bow. So classic!

Keeden Sunnies
I have always loved tortoiseshell frames. This one doesn't have tortoiseshell, though, but it's a different take. I like different now apparently. And big sunglasses just scream Hollywood so you betcha I want a pair of these!

These are just some of the pieces from Kate Spade's Spring 2010 Collection. If you want to see more, go check out a Kate Spade store now. I personally like the shop in Power Plant Mall, but there are others in Greenbelt 3, Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

*photos courtesy of SSI and Visions & Expressions

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Roan said...

Hi Frances,

Haven't read your blogs in a while so I'm backtracking now. :)

I also noticed that most of my clothes and things are either black, white, or gray. So now I'm more conscious of buying colorful stuff, especially dresses. :D

P.S. I love how you're still wearing regular clothes on your 8th month! :)