Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hair styling then and now

My friends are fans of curling irons for tight waves and straightening irons for gentle flips at the ends. Because we all think that wavy bouncy hair is much much sexier than straight hair. I can never get the hang of irons, though. My ears always get singed. So I rely on old-fashioned hair rollers.

Rollers from Watsons, P139.75/6-piece set. I use 2 sets.

Even back when I was just a wee lass!

I know, I know. I was much much cuter back then!


Teeyah. said...

Ang cuuuuuuute! You had rollers as a kid. Super cute! :)

Ny Minute Now said...

Oh, so cute! :)

Lizzie said...

i wanna rock the big wavy curls too but i don't think that looks good with my round face. plus i never seem to have enough patience to grow my hair long enough for me to actually try it!

you may be a cute baby then but you sure grew up to be a pretty woman frances. :)

NeuroChiq said...

I also don't use curling irons because I always end up with burns or with beading sweat! I use traditional curlers, the pink rolls with black rubber. So 80s! =D