Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kenneth Cole's comfy new shoes for the working woman

My feet have gone a size bigger a couple of weeks ago. I didn't want to believe it because I have almost 3 dozen shoes that I love and I really don't want to let go of them. A lot of moms tell me that since I didn't get fat, my feet will go back to their usual size after I give birth so I'm hoping that really happens. In case it doesn't, Kenneth Cole New York comes to the rescue.

Kenneth Cole launched a new collection of women's shoes that features what they call the 925 Technology. The collection is designed for working women (hence, 9 to 5!) so they're very basic, practical and quite sensible.

But these shoes have a "groundbreaking, patented, cushioning system" that took four years to develop and here are the parts:

  • revolutionary flaxseed arch support for customized fit
  • breathable sheepskin lining wick moisture away
  • 3mm Poron memory foam individualizes each foot bed
  • 2 mm Poron foam for shock absorption
  • bonded celluslose displaces pressure
  • cork layer for extra cushioning
  • rubber sole enhances flexibility and traction
  • impact-resistant nylon heel lift
  • heel cradle for contoured fit and stability

My fellow editors Eunice Lucero of Preview and Isha Andaya of were at the launch and we definitely admired the new shoes. They're a bit pricey, however--from P6,250 to P9,250 a pair. But since they're all in a classic design and are uber comfy, these are soes that you can wear for years and years, making the cost per wear worth it. Unless of course you get pregnant and your shoe size goes up!

For more information on the 925 collection, go to Kenneth Cole's website.

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iamsutil said...

wow! thanks for this post. i love the classic design. my nine west still hurts my feet...this should take care of that :)