Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need to buy Anthology flats!

So I'm pregnant. So my feet are bigger now. So I can't wear any of my heels, which comprise most of my shoe collection. So I'm down to three pairs of sandals. And so my feet are now exposed to the elements and are drying up like raisins in the hot sun. And since I can't reach my feet anymore because of a big tummy in the way, I can't apply lotion and so my feet are horrendous.

You know what this means? Time to buy new flats!

It amazes me that I've been going around shoe stores for a few weeks now and I still haven't found flats that I like. I like them plain, no-nonsense and simple. Yup, I can go crazy with my heels but flats, I like them really simple.  They look more elegant that way.

Then I remembered Anthology! Here are my faves:

Embossed (P1,795)
These are perfection and will go with absolutely anything in my closet! Everyone should have a pair (or two or three!) because this is what you call basics.

San Francisco (P2,795)
I totally love how these are just the kind of shoes you slip on without thinking. Again, any of these pairs will go with any outfit and they are so comfy. Perfect for mommy errands, girly outings, fun dates!

Neon Classics (P1,795)
Ah, I know I said I like them simple but when I am wearing my usual black outfit, what can add pop and whimsy to my look than a pair of neon flats? Again, simple and comfy but fun! I love the yellow and orange. So happy!

I want them all!!! Can you include these in your baby shower gifts? Pretty please? I really need nice new pretty comfy flats because pretty soon, I'll be running around all day and I need to be cute while doing so. A happy mom makes for a happy baby. Promise!

To know where to buy Anthology shoes and to see more styles, click here.

Oh, and they have a fabulous promo, too, where you just might get your own pair of Anthology flats. For free! Go to their site now to know more!

*all photos from Anthology Shoes


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i am flat footed so i prefer flats, though im not really that kind of person who loves buying shoes a lot but just like what you said i prefer simple ones & these are too cute!

i wonder if they have big sizes too...
i need to check them out!

maki said...

haha.. been there twice! flats and slippers all the way. nice neon!

Marissa said...

I love Anthology flats. I have two pairs of the Capri banana flats. I hope your feet return to their same size pre-pregnancy because mine did not and I had to give away my shoes to my siblings.