Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LUSH's Helen Ambrosen shares homemade recipes for beautiful skin and hair!

Helen Ambrosen is LUSH's co-founder and product inventor. She shares with Beauty For A Living why she thinks the best beauty solutions are not on store shelves but in your kitchen!

What are some of the must-have ingredients you need?
Beautiful vegetable oils--like olive and almond--are something you must have. Fine sea salt is always very useful; use this on your body or on feet. 
Other good things to have are fine oatmeal, ground almonds and honey. With these staple ingredients, you can then make a lot of different things: a lovely face mask, salts for your bath. [You can] tie some oats and almonds in muslin, float in the bath water, squeeze out and pat on your skin.  Honey dabbed onto spots [acts as an antiseptic].

What are the cost benefits?
The staple ingredients are not expensive. Remember to only use what you need, use it up and don't waste it. 

How did you come up with recipes that apply from head to toe?
At LUSH, we use these materials all the time, so it’s not difficult to work out how to use them at home.  But LUSH is a little bit like a fine restaurant, you can do it at home if you like, but you can also come to LUSH and let us do it for you!

What are some of your favourite LUSH products? 
It always has to be Ultra Bland cleanser--I can't live without it!  It's such a beautiful, simple product that will thoroughly clean your skin and leave it soft and supple. It’s so important to clean your skin at the end of the day and Ultra Bland is the way to do it.  I also love Dream Cream body moisturiser--it’s great for both your hands and feet.

Please share with us a couple of recipes our readers can do at home.
2 eggs
1/2 tsp olive oil
Beat the eggs then add olive oil. Massage the mixture in to dry hair, wrap a towel around your head and leave on for 10 minutes. Shampoo and condition out. You can double up the quantities for longer hair.

This is a lovely pre-treatment for the hair. Eggs are really good for the hair and a great source of protein. Olive oil improves the tensile strength of the hair. The eggs will give softness and shine over-and-above what your normal conditioner will do. Eggs are extremely mucilaginous—the residue will last beyond shampooing and conditioning—and a great source of nutrition, as they are full of protein. They give a rich feeling to the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. The olive oil will help to improve the tensile strength of the hair, making it much less likely to break when you're combing it after shampoo and conditioning. When hair's wet, it's at its most fragile so this will help stop hair breakage.

2 tbsp fine sea salt
olive oil or brazil nut oil
Take the fine sea salt and mix to a paste with a heavy oil such as olive oil or, even better, Brazil nut oil. Wet the skin and apply to the backs of arms, legs and anywhere where the skin is rough. Don’t use on the décolleté area. Rinse off the skin.

This is deeply nourishing for the skin. This one can be used on its own; you probably wouldn't need to do much more to your skin than that. If you don't like soap then this is a really good way of keeping your skin clean. However, I would recommend using it as part of your beauty regime, as a treatment for when your skin is feeling a bit rough and in need of a good scrub. Use it no more than once a week—skin will be left feeling exfoliated and softened.

LUSH is available at Glorietta 4, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Greenbelt 3, Mall of Asia and Bonifacio High Street. You may also check them online at www.lush.com.ph

Interview and photos courtesy of SSI and Visions & Expressions.

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