Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fergie's Outspoken is for the tough girl who's secretly sweet

That was Fergie's new TVC for the fragrance she created with Avon. It's called Outspoken. I never got the impression that Fergie was an outspoken girl, though. She's always seemed very discreet to me. But, hey, maybe she means that with her music and songs and fashion, she can be loud and clear.

Then I got this in the mail last week:
Ooh! A big box with a big bow!
Inside was a cool leather jacket!
(Wore it to my radio tour for OK! magazine)
And Fergie's Outspoken perfume!
I got my very own bottle! Fergie says of her first foray into fragrances (love all the F's there!), "Fragrance makes me feel sexy and alluring. I wanted to create a fragrance that people will respond to and enjoy. Outspoken is a fresh, modern scent that will make the women who wear it feel confident and fearless."

Fergie also says that she enjoyed the creation process. "I want the fragrance, like my music, to have a story and have real meaning and personality."

And it's not just the concoction she was excited about since Fergie was also involved with the packaging: "I found the inspiration for the cap design while getting dresses for my wedding [to Transformers actor Josh Duhamel]. There was a crystal decanter in the bridal suite and I knew I wanted the cap [of my perfume bottle] to look like that. I was so excited about the design that I had my team send me sketches while I was on my honeymoon!"

Wow, she really was excited! I'm kinda like her in that I was working on my honeymoon, too. Some things become such a part of you that you can't leave work at the office, I guess. Wow. That just made me sad!

Anyway, what do I think about the fragrance? Well, it definitely conjured images of leather and lace, black and red, smokey-eye makeup, tough-girl chic, a night of seduction. It's a little too strong for my taste, but then I'm a light floral scent kinda girl. I do wear this, though, on a night out. Definitely a scent for the night.

Outspoken by Fergie costs P999 and is available through Avon Representatives nationwide. Call Avon at 864-2900 or log on to www.avon.com.ph.

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