Thursday, December 9, 2010

Win a special beauty kit! It's Hollywood's anti-aging secret!

If you've been wondering what the skin secret of Madonna is, then I reveal it here: It's O2 Intraceuticals. Aside from her strictly healthy lifestyle, the 51-year-old superstar relies on this skincare line to keep her looking young.

I met O2 Intraceuticals' training manager Patricia Steel just before I gave birth. Here's OK! magazine's feature [September 2010] on the line:
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The treatment starts with a facial--together with the line's active and natural ingredients and extracts, pure oxygen is pumped into the surface of the skin. It's so effective, the facialist usually does half your face first so you can see the instant difference! And it doesn't have ugly results (ya know, like peeling, redness, swelling, etc) so Hollywood celebs can actually have a facial right before stepping onto the red carpet!

I loved how the products are so safe. Being pregnant then, I was wary of using anything that can be toxic to the developing life inside me. But because the line uses oxygen and natural ingredients, it's super safe!
I'm giving this away!

I'm giving you the chance to try out this line. All you have to do is type this on OK! Philippines's Facebook page: "I want Hollywood's anti-aging secret to look great in 2011!" Then just tag 3 of your friends. That's it!

The O2 Intraceuticals oxygen faciala nd skincare line are exclusively offered by The Spa Acropolis. Call (02) 631-5790 to 92 or (0918)884-3772 for inquiries.

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mav said...

Hi Frances,

I'm thinking of buying my first makeup set. What would you recommend I should buy first? I mean what are the essentials that I should be getting hehe. Wahh I'm so clueless I'm trying to read beauty blogs but I still don't know where to start haha. I hope you could help me out:)