Monday, May 23, 2011

Press release: Topshop/Topman re-opens at Robinsons Galleria with a big bang!

Now here's a press release that's got me all excited! And if you love Topshop, I'm sure you're going bananas, too!

Top Styles and Trends with Topshop and Topman
Catch your favorite celebrities wearing the latest from Topshop and Topman when you hit the big re-opening of the Topshop and Topman flagship store in Robinsons Galleria on May 25th. Doors officially open to the public at 6pm with live DJs and refreshments. 

Better be there early because Preview and will be in the lookout for 3 early birds in queue wearing their best Topshop outfit and those spotted will each win P10,000 worth of shopping spree at Topshop!

Everyone can enjoy the exclusive 20% discount on the latest collections of the season during the all night long shopping party. 

Be among the first 100 Topshop and first 100 Topman shoppers to get a chance to take home a limited edition Topshop and Topman shopper bag when you spend at least P1,500 instore. 

Grab a fabulous Topshop purse or a trendy Topman trilby when you spend P3,000 or more. Plus we’ll be giving away premium items from Canon Digital Center, shu uemura and more while you shop the night away!

Join us in the unveiling of the newly fashioned Topshop and restyled Topman in Robinsons Galleria and shop alongside the country’s top celebrities with great music, discounts and freebies exclusive to this event!

Strut in style with the latest in UK high street fashion with Topshop and Topman!

  1. Doors open at 6.
  2. But come early because the first 100 shoppers may win a limited edition shopper bag (but you'll have to spend P1,500 first!).
  3. If you're lined up dressed head-to-toe in Topshop/Topman, you may win a 10K shopping spree!
  4. Everything from the Spring-Summer collection is at 20% off.
  5. Spend 3K and you get a free bag!

See you on Wednesday, Topshop-pers!


Michelle said...

Looooooove the first one!!

Business Promotional Items said...

I'm so excited for their opening! The long wait is definitely over, and they will open it with great style :)