Friday, June 17, 2011

Event: Pond's launches White Beauty Naturals featuring the pretty Angelica Panganiban

Pond's is so excited to launch their first natural line called White Beauty Naturals. It's so natural that on the launch this Tuesday, they used the ingredients of the products for our dinner. Seriously!

The face they got to represent the new whitening line is pretty starlet Angelica Panganiban. She's known for wearing no makeup, even for TV interviews because she likes to let her skin breathe. She can do that, of course, because she has perfect skin. So I guess that's why Pond's thinks she's the best girl for their new line!

The event was held at Sofitel, my favorite hotel in the city. The organizers converted the Sunset Pavilion into an indoor garden, complete with trees, shrubs, flowers, climbing ivy and a gazebo.

Lovely models came out to... you know, I really don't know what the models were for.They just strutted about onstage in goddess gowns created by Rhett Eala. They didn't go around the audience showing off the new products or asking us to test them, smell them, etc. They just stood there and looked stern and beautiful. Strange. I think Pond's could've done away with them. Although I did like the gowns!

Anyway, after the models spent a few minutes walking around frowning, they cleared out so that Angelica can own the stage. She's actually prettier in person than I thought. She was tall and slim. On TV, she kinda looks short and chubby. Oh, those dreaded 10 pounds the TV adds!

Then the host interviewed Angelica who said that she really is a low maintenance girl when it comes to her skin and that she's so happy Pond's came out with a product line that she's happy to use.

Then Angelica was whisked off to a table so that the media can interview her. That table was actually next to mine so I got close enough to see that, yes, her skin is absolutely perfect. I was so green with envy! I've always had oily, acne-ridden skin so whenever I see gorgeous skin, I get so envious!

You know what else was green? The guests! The theme of the night was green, green, green. Even I burrowed through my closet, looking for green dresses.
Unilever's Jacqe Yuengtian, fashion designer Rhett Eala
and Age Miracle image model Rissa Mananquil
Visions & Expressions Ginggay Joven, Inquirer columnist
Tessa Valdes Prieto and me

For my outfit details, click here. For my review of Pond's White Beauty Naturals, we'll wait for 2 months from now!


Jenny said...

i am curious about these endorsers. the products belong to a whitening line. so why did ponds get a fair endorser? how will they show that the product works if the endorser is already really fair?

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

my, my..the models were frowning?! I may not be as tall and pretty as them but come on.. They should have matched their facial expressions with the IMAGE of the product.

What I learned in Events and PR class, every single thing one does should match the image of the event and it should have a purpose.

Sure the models promoted Rhett Eala's amazing gowns but the end note is to promote the product right?

Anyhow, I'm not hating or anything, I'm just unleashing my critical thinking when it comes to these matter as a CommArts student. I like doing these analysis. :)

Anyhow, the image model they have is absolutely perfect it suits the brand image.

Going to the event, it really does look very nature inspired.

Kudos to the company for their product launch! :)



Michelle said...

This is sooo cool!!! I love the concept of using the ingredients for the dishes!

Wanda said...

I don't think Angelica can be classified as a starlet. She has been in the business since she was a child and she is considered one of the finest actresses these days. She may not be a mega star nor a diamond star but she is a star in her own right.