Monday, June 20, 2011

Press release: Online shop Catalogue 63 hosts first ever trunk show!

This weekend's going to be a big event for shoppers who love all things Filipino. And if you're one of those who don't, let me try to persuade you otherwise with the fabulous stuff you can find on new online shop, Catalogue 63. Yes, do click on the name and you'll find clothes, shoes and accessories from proudly Pinoy brands like Renegade Folk, Cintura, Two Oranges Bags, Naked Sun and many more.

If you'd rather see and feel and fit the stuff, then this weekend, June 25-26, hie off to Metropolitan Club on Estrella Street, Makati. That's right across Rockwell Center, beside the girls' school. The school's name escapes me but if you're from EDSA, you turn right to Estrella, then it's Palm Village to your right, then the girls' school and then Metropolitan Club.

Here's the official press release:

Catalogue 63 Hosts Multi-Brand Trunk Show
Online retailer Catalogue 63 will host its first Catalogue 63 Trunk Show on June 25-26 from 11 am to 7 pm at Metropolitan Club, Estrella Street, Makati City. Popular local brands such as Renegade Folk, Tala Manila, Two Oranges Bags and Naked Sun, among others, will be available on site. The trunk show coincides with the official launch of the Catalogue 63 website.
“We’re very excited to hold our first ever trunk show to officially launch Catalogue 63. We want to take this opportunity to showcase our partner brands and at the same time, educate our customers on how easy and convenient it is to shop on our website”, said Martina Gomez, Marketing Manager of Catalogue 63.
The Catalogue 63 website is an online shopping hub that offers women’s clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from independent and up-and-coming Filipino brands. It aims to promote Philippine-made fashion while giving its customers a straightforward, convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience.
“We feel that the Philippine market is ready to embrace e-commerce. Many online stores have sprouted up on various social networking sites and we take this as a sign that Filipinos are now becoming more comfortable with online shopping. Last year, a survey conducted by Grey Group Asia Pacific discovered that the population of Filipino online shoppers is growing, with 46 percent of Filipinos purchasing goods over the Internet. We are optimistic that they will continue their shopping at Catalogue 63”, continued Gomez.
The Catalogue 63 Trunk Show will also feature clothes, bags and accessories by And Apparel, Amaranta, Celline, Cintura Belts, Daley, Shiq Bags, Sienna, Sinta Shoes, and Vel. Email or call 433-6918 for more information. Admission is free.

Catalogue 63 Partner Brands as of June 1, 2011:
1) Amaranta (Jewelry)
2) And Apparel (Women’s clothes and footwear)
3) Celline (Women’s clothes)
4) Cintura (Women’s belts)
5) Daley (Women’s casual tops)
6) Naked Sun (Swimwear)
7) Renegade Folk (Women’s footwear)
8) Shiq Bags (Women’s bags)
9) Sienna (Women’s sandals)
10) Sinta (Women’s shoes)
11) Tala Manila (Women’s clothes)
12) Two Oranges (Diaper bags and beach bags)
13) Vel (Accessories)

I'm thinking of checking it out, too, since I want my bag business to be sold on Catalogue 63. I have a bag business? You didn't know?! Click here to find out more! See you at the Catalogue 63 trunk show this weekend!


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I should check this out!!! LOL

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