Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How I care for my leather bags. Thanks, Apple Brand!

I sell these fabulous bags. They're bespoke leather satchels. The whole story is here--yes, go and read it because it's quite romantic! And if you want to get yourself your own bag, click here!

Anyway, this post is for all of you who love their leather bags but are now lamenting the rainy weather. What is up with this weather?! I love the rain, the gloom, the gray. But even this more than a week-long storminess has gotten to me... and my bags and shoes! So how do I protect my precious leather loves? With the Apple Brand Purse Priming Set!

First thing I do is wipe my bags with a dry soft cloth, like an old sock. I use a slightly damp cloth for areas like the bottom part and the handles. I wait to dry. Then I lovingly apply leather conditioner all over the bag. Just enough to keep the leather supple but not so much that the leather gets wet.

Then I buff away with the dry soft cloth. When the leather is nice and shiny, I spray it with protectant. This seals in the conditioner and seals out moisture!

My bags are now safe from the humidity and rain! Also from the sweat and oils of my hands, my lotions and perfume. Now, don't they look nice and pretty?

I got my leather care set from Purse Prime. An 8oz bottle of Apple Leather Conditioner costs P1,399. It's not wax so your leather can breathe. It can clean, condition and protect your skins--cow, pig, snake, ostrich, faux!  I like that even when I use it on my untanned satchel (that's the pinkish one above), it doesn't stain or darken the leather. Plus, it makes the leather sooooft and smooth.

The can of Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent is P1,199. This one you can spray on anything--not just leather but suede, nubuck, satin, fabric as well. It's wax-free, too, so your leather stuff can breathe. And it also doesn't stain light-colored skins. So perfect!

So now you know how I keep my bags safe and pretty. I highly recommend Purse Prime's products! The people behind it are super nice, too!

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Selene said...

I saw an Ilog Maria leather balsam at their site. Will it work as well?