Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I'm beautiful

I've been a magazine editor for 6 years and one of the fabulous perks of the job is getting free products and treatments from beauty brands, spas and clinics. But when people ask me if it gets to my head, all the perks and how people treat me with adoration, I just laugh and say, "If you only knew!"

Here are just some of the stuff I've been told:

  1. "You don't need breast enhancement. You need liposuction. Two lipos actually--upper and lower abdomens."
  2. "Ang nipis ng buhok mo, teh. Kalbo ka na nga halos! Try mo yung treatment namin!"
  3. "Your dark eye circles are so bad. May wrinkles pa! This cream will fix that."
  4. "Wow. I can count your lashes. They're so few and sparse. Try this mascara!"
  5. "You seriously need our slimming treatments. Mommies really get so fat!"
  6. "Kelan ka huling nagpa-foot spa? Kasi parang pang-kabayo na yung heels mo. Try our paraffin treatment."
  7. "Manage your acne? Actually, you need Botox."
  8. "You look good in that dress but better if you use Spank." (I think she meant Spanx)
  9. "You gained so much weight na! Hirap to lose the pregnancy pounds, no? Want to try our new gym classes?"
  10. "Yes, the treatment can even your skin tone but I suggest this other treatment kasi uka-uka na ang mukha mo."

Now tell me, seriously, with all that thrown at your face on a regular basis, do you think I can possibly think I'm perfect?!

My family is my beauty secret!
It's a good thing I don't have low self-esteem. Imagine having to hear those awful things regularly! It's no wonder a lot of girls are spending obscene amounts of money and time "perfecting" themselves! Now, I have no issues with using products and getting treatments. I have no problem with cosmetic surgery either. But I do believe that these should be done for fun and out of self-love, not self-loathing.

I think I'm a pretty girl. Above average, sure, but nothing special, looks-wise. But I'm aware that a lot of people think I'm beautiful despite the big tummy, thin hair, dark eye circles, sparse lashes, flab, zits, and acne scars. I believe the beauty that people see in me is the happiness, confidence and peace I radiate. I may not be physically perfect but my life is pretty darn close to perfect. I work hard on my relationships, my career and my mind, and the work paid off. My life is beyond beautiful. And no beauty product or procedure did that!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

you've been called those?!
sa ganda mong yan may ganun pang effect?!

pano pa kaya ko!

but seriously, i think all of these exists to poke our self-insecurity. it's not just about having a 36-24-36 body,right?
life has much more to offer than having a perfect body.

Good thing that you found the reason & your inner beauty. it's with your family & the people who really loves you.

I am overweight... nah..make that obese, but i still love myself!
i love myself i could make a monument!

Cha said...

you are beautiful, indeed!

Teeyah. said...

Ouch. What lengths these people would go to, just to push a product. :( I truly think you're beautiful. I have not noticed all those that these people mentioned and yes, you're right, you have a beautiful life which is far more important than any physical beauty element!

And I am happy for you and your beautiful family :) So nice seeing you last night, F!

Glenn Encinares said...

Grabe namang mga sales people na yan :)mukha namang yong mga sinasabi nila para makabenta lang...

Anyway your beautiful...

Askmewhats said...

Gosh, why am I not surprised? I am more surprised that it was thrown at you (for someone THIS beautiful) gulay! Pano na lang kami? Mukha na kaming dumi ng kuko? *laughs*

Thanks for sharing this post, it shows how people tend to pull each other down, it all boils down to you loving yourself and surrounding yourself with people who loves you dearly!

cheer said...

for me you are beautiful naman, no need to listen to those comments =)

BeautifulSoul said...

tama po wala yan sa mga beauty products na ginagamit. natin Nasa kung paano mo tinitignan ang iyong sarili. Kasama na yung mag karoon ka ng mabuting asawa. maayos na relasyon. sapat na kahit wala kang make up gaganda ka sa loob at panlabas. ^_^

...crickette... said...

Oh my, katawa naman to! Pero funny, I think I've had my share of those comments to! Okay lang naman, I know naman I'm not perfect!

Shen said...

I'm gald I have friends who are honest with me and who i am that comments like you mentioned barely graze the surface. I guess I've developed a thick skin since I was younger and was bullied for the longest time. Sticks and stones.. and since I'm more secure of who I am now than ever, I can darn well say that this girl may not be that too pretty but hell, is she the life of the party. lol! :)

cham-cham said...

Grabe naman mga comments na yun. Very inspiring post. Gives hope to low-maintenance girls like me. You're a very strong woman to be able to rise above those snide remarks. And we totally agree, you are a very pretty woman.

Cathie said...

This was a nice post. Although I hope a lot of women get to read this AND take this to heart. Unfortunately, mas malakas pa din ang dating ng TVCs like yung kila Kim Chu where girls whisper behind her back about her hair, or other TVCs that show women comparing themselves to others on the basis of physical looks kaya ang daming walking chemically-beautified female robots na walang sense kausap eh. At laging feeling empty ang buhay. Hahaha, sorry I'm so bad but I just feel there are so many women like this. Napaka-mga-mababaw. And the bad thing is, because our society and consumer products encourage this attitude. Sigh. So yes, I hope more and more people will read your blog and learn a thing or two from you about acceptance and inner beauty. :)

d1 said...

Very well said, Frances. I know how that feels. Thank you for this empowering post.