Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kerastase launches Oleo-Relax Slim in a chi-chi party

Hailed as the haircare line used by the stars (Jennifer Lopez, Emmy Rossum, Paris Hilton are fans), Kerastase is definitely the gold standard when it comes to hair products. Even I'm convinced! Whenever I use Kerastase, my hair is always perfect. I just can't use it all the time because (a) I have to test other brands now and then and (b) it's expensive. That's why whenever Kerastase launches anything, it's lovely to attend becasue I get to bring home Kerastase goodies!

The goody bags had a bottle of leave-in conditioner
and a tub of treatment

Last night was the launch of Kerastase Oleo-Relax Slim, the latest product that is guaranteed to tame frizzy and rebellious hair. Now my hair is naturally behaved (thank the heavens) so I'm going to let my sister try this one out. Will post her review in a week or two.

The event was held at chic new club The Establishment at The Fort Strip. There were art installations for guests to marvel at but I found the drinks and the food more inspiring, to be utterly honest. But, for art's sake, marvel below...
Beautiful people everywhere (or beautifully dressed, at least!). Very well attended event so congratulations to Oliver Salva and the Kerastase team for a gorgeous night and for another new product that I'm sure will be a success!

Preview's beauty editor Cindy Go and Real Living's art director Arlene Sy

SM's marketing manager for kids and teens fashion Jasmine Mendiola (in pink),
me (in yellow),
Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Zo Aguila (in gray) and
fashion editor Kat Dy (in black)

The Beauty Writer


karmi said...

Hi! I haven't tried Kerastase. I'm using chocolate-flavoured Bed Head. It's great, too. It makes the hair feel so silky. I think I'll try Kerastase next. Heard great things about it. By the way, I jumped from Iris's Goddess Am I blog.

Jarminator said...

oh! I want to try Kerastase! My hair is sooooo thick kasi, wavy.. and laging nag-standing ovation.. always "mahangin sa labas". I will definitely try! Thanks!

The Beauty Writer said...

Hi Karmi, I like Bed Head, too! I'll post something about Bed Head soon...

Jarminator, I'll ask my sister if the Oleo-Relax Slim works, okay? But I'm a believer in Kerastase. And so is my husband! So I'm sure this new product will work for you =)

Kae said...

You look 17! HAHA whew. I wanna try Kerastase.. How much is it?