Sunday, May 10, 2009

NARS and my new Orgasm!

NARS makeup artist and West Coast Lead Trainer Dawn Stultz was here last week and I was able to have a lovely chat with her about--what else?--makeup! First, I just want to say how incredibly mesmerizing Dawn's eyes were. I have no idea what color they are. Because of the warm soft light in Rustan's Essences, her eyes kept changing color from gray to blue to a light hazel. Incredible.

So anyway, I asked Dawn what makeup essentials a woman should have in her bag. She replied that it really depends on the woman since some girls love playing up their eyes or just having powder and blotting paper or really piling it on! However, she did quip, "Stop any woman in this store right now and I bet you'll find three kinds of lip products in her purse!"

For summer, Dawn recommends simple makeup so a powder, a lip gloss and a bronzer stick are enough to take a girl from day to night. She's really in love with the NARS bronzer stick in Palm Beach. She applied some on me and I looked healthy and glowing! The trick is to apply it in the figure 3--temples, cheeks, jawline--and blend, blend, blend. You can use the bronzer on your eyes, too, and on lips then just top with gloss. Simple and easy. I like that a lot!

Oh, and not only did I get to chat with such a lovely woman, I also got to take home these lovely products! Thanks, Dawn, NARS, Rustan's Essences and Visions & Expressions!

I did buy my own blush, the phenomenal Orgasm. Dawn says that NARS Orgasm is the bestselling blush in the entire world. I believe her. All the Hollywood stars and makeup artists swear by it--it's the only blush that looks great on every skin color and tone! Dawn adds that it's almost always out of stock. I believe her, too, since I've been trying to buy Orgasm forever. Just my luck, at her interview, NARS had new stocks! I immediately bought one! Now I look so pretty. Yey!

NARS cosmetics are available at Rustan's Essences, Glorietta 4, Makati City.

The Beauty Writer

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mzkrystall said...

ahhh i so want that ORGASM blush!

X3MZSHAR said...

oooh i really want that blush but it is kinda pricey though.

gglovebaby said...

thanx for the bronzing tips! so besides purchasing the blush... u got the other items for free?? ;-)

Mai.Mai said...

Wow.. Thank you for writing about nars.. It's in my must try kikay product.

vonvon said...

You guys have NARS over there? I wish we have NARS in Malaysia too. And the freebies you got. That's quite a lot too. I am a freebieholic!

Have read and heard so much raves on Orgasm. Really wanted to try it out so much.

I'm not a blusher kind of person, but I so want NARS Orgasm!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh are just soooooooo lucky! I wish I could run into people like that here in Davao. Hopefully when I'm in Manila I'll have better luck.

The Beauty Writer said...

Gglovebaby, yup, part of the job!

Mzkrystall and Mai, ya, I'm really loving NARS now...

Vonvon and X3mzshar, , maybe you can buy NARS online? If not, the Orgasm is great really but other brands have lovely shades, too!

ChinkyGirlMel, well, I didn't exactly run into her. I had to interview her for my magazine.

MaribenChristine said...

I too, swear by the Orgasm blush. I think its worth every penny. :) I've been wanting to try their Multiple line though, and the Palm beach looks like an interesting buy. Lucky lucky about the Nars loot you got to take home!

Anonymous said...

hello! I'm just going to ask the price of Nars Orgasm blush in glorietta 4?