Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spot on Plastic Surgery and Stars

I wrote for the newly revamped website Spot.ph and my story on stars and plastic surgery is causing quite a bit of talk. I don't know why it's controversial--I mean, in this day and age when cosmetic surgery centers and spas are practically on every corner, believe me when I say it's no big deal. What is a big deal for me is when you've obviously done something and you keep denying it!

I confess that I wish I could have a boob job. I'm a very small AA. Yes, you read that right. But my husband says emphatically, "More than a mouthful is too much." Now if that was too graphic for you, then maybe you'll say I really don't need the Orgasm after all because my hubby sure knows how to make me blush!

How about you--If you could have anything done, what would it be? And would you really do it? Why or why not?

The Beauty Writer


kylie said...

i wanna get a boob job too.. but i dont know if ill really do it cuz of the pain and money!

Mai.Mai said...

What is a big deal for me is when you've obviously done something and you keep denying it!


I agree with this one.

Seriously, cosmetic surgery is no big deal. If I have the money, I'll go for it. I want a tummy tuck! After giving birth to two boys, the skin on my abs isn't as firm, as intact as it used to be.. plus I want to erase the stretch marks. Sigh...

When I'm like 50 plus or 40 plus, botox it is!

sorry, so vain..

jillsabs said...

i want to zap out all my body hair!!

it would be so liberating not to have to wax, pluck and shave. sigh.

shallow said...

exactly... those who keep denying their surgical procedures are exaggerating their insecurities. i have friends who have had boob jobs and nose jobs done, and they were never afraid of telling everybody.

i'd get a nose job, lip collagen, bustlift and shave some inches off my thighs and hips! i'd be a cosmetic surgeon's frankenstein freak! how's that for insecurity? haha

The Beauty Writer said...

Kylie, a boob job is around 110K. And I'm sure the pain is unimaginable. So ya, it may not be worth it! But Heidi Montag looks so much better with boobs, no?

Mai, a tummy tuck is around 30K per area--yep, the tummy is 2 areas: upper abdomen and lower abdomen. I've also heard about this stretch mark removing treatment that burns off your skin. You're in pain for weeks but after, your skin is as smooth as a baby's!

Jillsabs, me, too! But it's soooo expensive.

Shallow, that's a lot of stuff to do!

MaribenChristine said...

If I had the extra extra moolah, I'd definitely get a boob job! After watching a feature about it on Salamat Doc where Phoemela B. shared her experiences, I got interested! Lol. :)

What is that stretch mark removal treatment? Is it the Carboxy from Belo?