Saturday, May 9, 2009

Questions on eye creams and foundations answered (kinda sorta!)

Hi to my new readers! Welcome again to my new beauty blog! Anyway, I've got a couple of requests to write about certain beauty topics:

Hope you can review eye creams in the market - Anonymous
Can you share some tips on finding the right foundation t
o use? Specifically what brand is the best? - Ranran

For Anonymous, off the top of my head I can guarantee that Olay Regenerist has a fantastic eye treatment--the one I used was the Eye Lifting Serum (P999). Right now, however, I'm using Garnier's Anti-Puff Eye Roller. It feels kinda weird and I miss Olay Regenerist but I'm going to give this Garnier a chance. I'll write about that in a month. Keep glued to this blog!
Ranran, to answer your question will entail an entire book! I'm kidding... Actually, it's not really about the brand; it's really about your skin. An expensive product can look awful if it's not meant for your skin tone and type. So give me time and I'll answer this in detail.
My personal pick is L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation. I use both the liquid and mineral powder foundations. I've been a fan since 2007, when my bridal makeup artist, L'Oreal Paris Chief Makeup Artist Jigs Mayuga, showed me my true match (Golden Beige) the day I wed my true match (Vince Sales)! The range of shades they have is amazing, making it easier for you to find your, er, true match! Plus, it's just below P1,000 and available at all department stores nationwide. Just throw away the brush of the mineral powder--it's scratchy and stiff.
I'll interview some beauty editors and do some research, too. Thanks!

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-Yu- said...

i love how l'oreals true match has wide range of colours ! but the foundation was not suitable for dry skin like me.

i am looking forward for the next post!

DaisyChain said...

I love that l'oreal foundation, perfect match for my ghostly pale skin!

Pop Champagne said...

I hear the Garnier's anti-puff eye roller works well! I'm going to pick tha tup this weekend :D

Kaye said...

Maybe I should give the Garnier roller a try. I've tried nearly everything and my bags are still there!

BTW, too bad i missed out on your contest :(

Keziah Ann said...

oh, i've been wanting to try the garnier anti-puff roller. looking forward to your review:D

Mai.Mai said...

Hi... this afternoon, I was at rustan's contemplating on what eye cream to buy. i thought of Olay, too.. maybe this is a sign that I should go for it..hehehe..

thanks for the tip..

Ranran said...

Thank you for taking time to answer my question, ms. Frances! I was touched when you wrote on my Wall in Facebook.

1k is too much for me. i'll just stick on your advice to finding the right foundation for my skin tone, irregardless of the brand (but hypoallergenic)

thanks again!

Kaith said...

i found my true match as well! what i love about l'oreal's true match is that it lasts a looong time. i still have the one my mother bought for me last december.

as for the garnier eye roller, i will wait for your review muna but a friend also said that it's effective. i don't have puffy eyes though but have dark circles (mainly because i lack sleep). i hope it will diminish these dark spots as well.

nikki said...

The Garnier works really well for my own crying-induced puffiness, but it doesn't really do much about the darkness for me. Well, that's just me :)

I took your advice and started my own mini-contest. I'm giving away some discount coupons worth Php 6k for a beauty school here in Manila :) I hope it works half as well as yours did! :)

shallow said...

hmm... i think given the principle behind the garnier eye-roller, it might help ease the puffiness, but not the dark circles. still, at that price, worth a try.

or i'll just wait for your review haha :D