Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kiehl's launches their SPF line with a colorful splash

As a principle, I don't believe in skin whitening. Love the skin you're in! But I do believe that if you have scars and spots, a little brightening and lightening is great to even out the skin tone. Now, scars you can prevent by being careful, and if you really don't want to get freckles, sun spots, wrinkles, leathery skin, and every skin problem under the sun, then do one and only one thing: AVOID THE SUN!

Of course, since we can't avoid the sun all the time, especially this summer, do the next best thing: USE SPF! Religiously! Kiehl's recently launched their Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with an SPF of 50! That's pretty strong protection and, with this summer's El Nino raging, just what we Filipinos need.

I'll talk about SPF in another post. For this one, let's talk about the lovely party Kiehl's threw for the beauty media.

The event was held at The Terrace at 5th at Greenbelt 5 just after Valentine's Day. I wish I had better photos but as soon as I took this one, I found people to chat with. Check out Anton Diaz's post about the place here.

Yummy spread of hors d'oeuvres and little desserts like these apple strudels and creme brulees in different flavors.

There was also a design-a-tank top contest. The beauty editors and writers took to it like fish to water--must be because they're really the type who are attracted to colors (makeup, nail polish, etc!).

I must say I'm a better writer than a painter so I didn't join. There was a fabulous prize--a free trip somewhere that I didn't hear since I was so busy chatting with people. Yes, I'm very social and always like to go around chatting people up. For example, I just had to catch up with Jane Kingsu-Cheng who's wearing a Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls outfit with Melissa heels.

Oh, and of course we all went home with tubes of Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50!

I haven't tried the Kiehl's sunblock yet since I'm currently trying another brand, which I'm not very happy about. Will post a review soon!


Ran said...

Wow, SPF 50? That's pretty strong! Is it for the body or the face lang? I'd love to hear more of this! I bet this wouldn't cost cheap.

The NeuroChiq said...

My first Kiehl's experience is actually from your December OK! contest (THANKS & HUGS!) =D I'm using it for 3 days now, and it's promising. Would love to try the sunblock, but boy, Kiehl's are quite pricey! =P Maybe I'll wait for your review. Have a great weekend!

Frances Amper Sales said...

Oki, lemme just finish with the VMV SPF 50 first! Then I'll review this one =)

mylawhite said...

OMG nice blog....I just review this Kiel's Ultra Light sa blog ko and my verdict: AMAZING!!!!