Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm baaaaaack, beauties!

I haven't blogged here since forever! Beauty blogging is hard, folks. I thought it would be easy, given how many products I get as the editor of OK! Philippines. But the beauty industry is beyond huge! Every week, there's a new product launch, a new innovation, a new technology, new stuff to review... and I just can't keep up. The products and press kits have made mini-mountains at my desk at work and at home. My bosses and my husband are complaining!!!

Here are just some of the lovely boxes I've been getting from...

the new Regenerist Cream
Magnifique perfume and body lotion 
with a tiny tube of mascara

Bobbi Brown
lip glosses and an eye shadow palette
with a personalized pot of lip color

I have a lot more. You won't believe how many more I have--boxes and crates and cabinets of this fabulous stuff! I almost posted photos of my office and my overflowing product cabinet but I got embarrassed at my mess. So I'm finally going to blog about the stuff I've been getting--for the sake of my marriage and my job!

I do want to say that the beauty industry's been pretty exciting this 2010. So many new things for primping and prettification! So do visit this blog soon as I have a lot of things to tell you about--all of them beautiful!


Shen said...

Hehehe! i agree about the mountain of press kits. my emails are quite bursting in the seems. I want to have 20 of me to be able to write about such wonderful products that are coming out. ang saya-saya how companies really makes these new products just for us women.. definitely makes us important lang talaga. :)

daisychain said...

I've missed this blog! Wish I could give you a helping hand x

BIANCA: said...

yey! it's been ages! glad to see a new post here!

Belowen said...

Oh my goodness, that personalised Lancome gloss is so adorable!

Frances Amper Sales said...

Hi Belowen, it's a Bobbi Brown lip and cheek pot =) I love it!

Lady E said...

I would love to see your beautiful mess! Just think of it as a source of inspiration rather than a pile of mess. = ) It's great to look at beautiful things when you're having writer's block.