Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caronia says, "It's your time to sparkle!"

Caronia nail polish sent me an email. Here's a read:
Greetings from Caronia Philippines. We came across your blog entries about Caronia Nail polish and we would like to thank you for the fab raves!
By the way, we recently launched our official website and Facebook fan page. Visit us at www.caronia.com.ph or look for Caronia Philippines on Facebook. We also have an on-going online photo contest, for more details visit www.caronia.com.ph/photocontest

It's your to Sparkle!
Your friends from Caronia Philippines

I checked out Caronia's new website (gorgeous!) and the contest (exciting!). The prizes are tens of thousands of cash and gifts and services, a spa party for you and two of your friends, and a chance to get featured in Caronia's advertisements in magazines!!! Fabulous!

I'd love to join but I can't. As editor-in-chief of OK! Philippines, if I win the contest, I won't be allowed to appear in ads because that would be a form of endorsement. In my job, that's a big no-no since we're supposed to uphold editorial integrity. That doesn't mean I can't say positive or negative things about products so don't you worry about the features I put in OK! and this blog. But an advertisement is a different animal altogether so much as I'd love to join... I'll encourage you gals instead! 

Basically, this is all you need to do:
1. Apply a base coat and then a glittery top coat on your manicured nails.
2. Have a friend take your photo--make sure your polished nails are prominent! Be creative!
3. Take another photo with you holding up the two bottles of Caronia polish you used.
4. Finish this sentence: "I knew it was my time to sparkle when..."
5. Fill up the entry form and submit!

For more details, go to Caronia's new website now. Good luck, girls! Sparkle!

*photos from Caronia


Caronia Philippines said...

Hi Frances!

We'd like to thank you for featuring the Caronia website and Online photo contest in Beauty for a Living.

Caronia Philippines

Frances Amper Sales said...

You're welcome! I love Caronia nail polish. Been using it for 20 years!