Monday, March 29, 2010

Shiseido launches its White Lucent line

Last week, right before I got sick, I attended a lovely product launch at the Ayala Museum. Shiseido launched its White Lucent Intensive Whitening line. 

Shiseido calls this the most powerful whitening solution ever, able to diminish age spots, darkened pores and acne marks! Now I know I said I don't believe in whitening but I do want to try the serum for some stubborn acne marks I've gotten recently. Pregnancy has given me a smattering of acne, and I have scars on my cheeks and forehead that aren't fading away. But I'll have to wait till after I give birth because my derma doesn't want me using whitening stuff while I'm pregnant.

This is Vicky Marchadesh of Luxasia and me. She kept touching my preggy belly because she wants to get pregnant again. Oh, I'm wearing a Karimadon dress with a big white bow. It's so cute!

And this is Lee Roberto-Figueroa of Luxasia, too. We were classmates back in Assumption but back then I knew her as Barbara.

The print and web media were there, of course. That's (from left) Trixie Reyna from Female Network, Zo Aguila of Cosmopolitan, beauty writer and makeup artist Marie Calica, and texting away is Agoo Bengzon of Preview. Behind and between Zo and Marie is Myrza Sison of and Female Network.

Also there were fellow beauty bloggers! That's Shen of Shen's Addiction, Jane of Style Kit, me and Nikki of AskMeWhats. Check out Nikki's fab nails below (she did them herself!).

I belong to both worlds--traditional media and the blogging world. I get two invitations to events these days--one addressed to me as a magazine editor and another as a blogger. I always choose to go to the events for traditional media (after all, that's my job) but I've always been curious to see if there's a difference between the events (and goodies!) they give the press and bloggers. Maybe one of these days, I'll go find out!


Crystal said...

that's cool! :) i want to try this line too.

Askmewhats said...

It was great meeting you the second time around! This time I was able to chat with you! :) You look gorgeous on a "how dare you medium sized Karimadon outfit" :P You look gorgeous in person! :) See you on some other events soon! :) thanks for featuring my nails :)