Monday, March 22, 2010

Join the Shen's Addiction Fantabulous Big Beauty Giveaway!!!

My beautiful blogger friend Shen is celebrating her blog's second anniversary with an uber fabulous beauty giveaway and a new blog called Manila Beauty Blog! The new blog is supposed to be an extension of her beauty blogging but, so far, it has posts on fashion--which, in increasingly stylish Manila, is the industry to watch!

Shen and me at a Body Shop event last November

First, let me tell you about Shen. She's one of the sweetest, kindest, smartest and friendliest people I've ever met. That doesn't make her a doormat, by the way. Personally, I don't like the simple sweet kind. She isn't like that--she's sugar and spice. My kinda girl!

Second, we have something in common: We both lost our mothers a little more than a year ago. And while we didn't know each other then, we grieved through our blogs. She had Shen's Addiction, I had Topaz Horizon and this blog.  You might think that our blogs, written in a time of deep mourning, will be filled with anger and sadness and loss. But we both discovered on our own that focusing on the beauty and joys of life is possible, even when life is so dark and terrifying. Mostly it was a way to hold on to just that--what beauty is left in this sad world? And then the readers reached out with their own stories of love and survival, and our blogs became a source of comfort and encouragement. And to think these are just silly blogs!

Third, Shen is a fantastic beauty blogger. She works really hard to bring all the latest news and reviews to her readers. And it's not even her job! I've already offered her to write for OK! magazine but she seems to prefer what she's doing now. She just does beauty blogging because she loves it and she loves making her readers happy. Which brings me shame because I try but I just can't do it like she does because... I'm not paid to do it! Ack, so there's my ugly confession! But I'll try--harder!--to update this beauty blog!

So there! Hop on now to Shen's Addiction's exciting contest to get a chance to win tons of beauty products!

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Shen said...

not many people render me speechless and you just did. you've been a great influence to me despite the fact that we only know each other here on our blogs and events. but even then, i find that you have become a big sister to me. someone i look up to. thanks for being that and for being real.. and for everything you're doing here, especially for me. awww.. i'm tearing up na. :9 stop stop.. :) thanks again.. :)